Best Motherboard for i5 10400 & 10400F

Atif Liaqat | Last Updated On December 3rd, 2021

Intel recently released the 11th generation of Core i-series processors (check this article for the best motherboard for i5 11400 & 11400F). Still, since there is no significant difference from the previous generation, many people are buying 10th generation processors since they are available at a lower price. For budget users, Intel Core i5-10400 and i5-10400F are among the best processors for the Intel platform since these processors are pretty powerful. Unlike the older Core i5 processors, the 10th-generation i5 processors came with Intel Hyper-Threading technology, which is why their performance has roughly increased by 25% in multi-threaded applications. The performance of this processor is approximately equivalent to AMD Ryzen 5 3600, which is pretty impressive for such a cheap processor.

The Core i5 processors are not as power-hungry as a Core i9 processor, such as a Core i9-10900K, which is why their motherboard requirements are not that demanding. Since these two processors come with a locked multiplier, you do not even require a Z-series motherboard. However, most Z-series motherboards offer better features in other departments as well. In this article, we will be checking out some of the best motherboard for i5 10400 or 10400F.

Quick Motherboard Recommendations for i5 10400 and 10400F

Award Model Price
Best m-ATX Motherboard for i5 10400F Gigabyte B460M AORUS PRO Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Budget Motherboard for i5 10400 Gigabyte H410M S2H Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Budget B460 Motherboard for i5 10400 ASROCK B460M-HDV Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Entry-Level B460 Mothjerboard for i5 10400 MSI B460M-A ProSeries Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Motherboard for i5 10400 ASROCK H470 Steel Legend Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Motherboard for i5 10400f ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Premium Motherboard for i5 10400 Gigabyte H470 AORUS PRO Check Price Read Customer Reviews

Quick Buying Tips!

Motherboards are the most complex components of a computer system, and selecting a suitable motherboard can be a pretty tiring task. That is why we have written a buying guide that will aid you in choosing the best motherboard for your Core i5 processor.

Chipset: The chipset of a motherboard highly affects the overall performance of a system. For a processor like Core i5 10400F, you can consider buying an H470, B460, or Z490 chipset. The B460 is the cheapest of these chipsets but offers limited features, i.e., you won’t get any overclocking features with this chipset. The H470 chipset is a slightly better chipset than the B460 chipset, offering more ports but it does not support overclocking as well. The Z490 chipset is the best chipset for this processor that is capable of overclocking as well, although i5 10400 and i5 10400F are not overclockable by any means.

I/O Connectivity: The I/O of a motherboard holds great importance for many people who are always trying to optimize the performance of their system. Some motherboards come with many USB ports, especially the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, while cheaper motherboards come with only two ports. Apart from the USB ports, there are LAN ports, display ports, audio ports, etc., that can affect the potential of a motherboard.

Aesthetics: The motherboard looks are very important because it is the largest component of a computer system after the case. The Z-series motherboards are better in looks than H-series or B-series motherboards since they are more expensive. Most motherboards these days come with black-colored PCBs, but apart from the PCB color, the RGB lighting on the motherboard holds a significant value. Moreover, the lighting customization capabilities of a motherboard also affect the looks of a motherboard.

Best Motherboard for i5 10400 & 10400F Reviews

Gigabyte B460 AORUS PRO is the ultimate performance motherboard for Intel processors. The integrated base plate and I/O shield make it a durable option that will act as a rock-solid foundation for your build. Gigabyte B460 AORUS PRO also comes with multi-zone RGB support and a 4+2 hybrid digital VRM solution for a stable gaming experience. Hence this motherboard delivers both aesthetics and high-end performance.

In addition, the enlarged MOSFET heatsink, 4W/mK thermal pad, and M.2 thermal guards play an active role in keeping the system cool. Gigabyte B460 AORUS PRO also incorporates Smart Fan 5 technology that gives users complete control over the speed of the fans. So they can increase or decrease the fan speed depending upon the need. This motherboard also delivers a pristine audio experience with the help of high-end audio components and an advanced audio Noise Guard with LED Trace Path lighting.

Gigabyte B460 AORUS PRO has Intel® GbE LAN and cFosSpeed to offer enhanced network latency and fewer downtimes in LAN environments. There is also a WIFI modules upgrade Kit that helps its system upgrade and integrate the Gigabit Wi-Fi feature. Furthermore, this motherboard supports lightning-fast Gen3 PCIe M.2 connectors to increase the processing speed of the storage devices and graphics cards. PCIe Gen 3 slot can efficiently transfer up to 32 GB/s bandwidth.

Most importantly, you can buy Gigabyte B460 AORUS PRO online for around $125-$140 so it is quite cheap. Overall, it is a great choice for i5 10400 & 10400F with well-rounded features.

If you’re an enthusiast looking for durability and quality, then this motherboard is one of the best options for you. The LGA 1200 socket on this board will support any type of 10th gen processor. Plus the durable and advanced specs like humidity protection Glass Fabric PCB, anti-surge protection, and anti-sulfur resistor protect Gigabyte H410M S2H against harm and enhance its life.

Gigabyte H410M S2H features exclusive Realtek 8118 LAN which improves bandwidth connection to support stable gaming. It also prioritizes games to receive signals on a priority basis for a smooth gaming experience. Moreover, the availability of NVME PCIe Gen3 M.2 slots enables it to maximize the SSD performance. This motherboard also has multiple HD output ports like HDMI, DVI, and D-Sub that provide the best graphics quality and support high-definition displays.

In addition, the Audio Noise Guard and high-end audio capacitors offer HD audio and high-fidelity sound effects to gamers. Gigabyte H410M S2H even incorporates Smart Fan technology, temperature sensors, and hybrid fans to manage the temperature of the rig. There is also a FAN STOP feature that can be used to stop a fan completely when the temperature drops below a set threshold.

This motherboard can be bought online for $112-$122 it is also cost-effective. All in all, Gigabyte H410M S2H is one of the best options available for the i5 10400 & 10400F considering its features and price tag.

ASROCK B460M-HDV is equipped with premium build and memory clock enhancing features which make it arguably the best option for Intel 10th generation processors. It also has high-performance onboard LAN to support network sensitive applications.  Besides this, there is an M.2 Key-E slot that supports the latest Wi-Fi chips so the users can choose to have an 802.11ac connection. The body of this motherboard is also protected against voltage surges and short circuits because of Full Spike Protection.

Moreover, ASROCK B460M-HDV comes with a Clever Access Memory feature that terminates any possibility of bottlenecks and enhances graphic output performance. The Intel Optane Memory technology also boosts the responsiveness of RAM and ROM. It also has 2 DDR4 2933MHz dual-channel slots to support RAM. Plus ASROCK B460M-HDV features a water pump header to dissipate the heat produced by the processors like i5 10400 & 10400f. This header can provide 2A power to support robust water pumps for effective cooling. Check this article if you want recommendations for PC cases for watercooling.

This motherboard has 1 PCIe 3.0×16, 2 PCIe 3.0×1 along with 8 USB 3.1 Gen1 slots for faster data transfer and improved processing speed. Along with this, ASROCK B460M-HDV sports Ultra-fast M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 slot that can transfer about 32GB/s bandwidth.  It also comes with 3 output ports: DVI, D-SUB, and HDMI that supports 4k display. So it has adequate ports of all kinds. You can buy this motherboard for just $177-$200 which makes it a good mid-range option.

MSI B460M-A Pro features a DIY-friendly design, robust power solutions, and turbo M.2 connectors to deliver stable output performance. This motherboard is more than capable of unleashing full potential out of i5 10400 & 10400F. Also, MSI claims that the design and specs of MSI B460M-A Pro were rigorously tested to deliver the ultimate compatibility with the major memory brands so PC builders can pick any product for their build.

The optimized power design and premium layout provide sufficient power supply to power-hungry and yet energy-sensitive components of the build. The advanced DDR4 boost further enhances memory performance and hardware redundancy. In addition, MSI B460M-A Pro delivers studio-grade audio to the gamers which upgrades their gaming experiences.

MSI B460M-A Pro makes use of heatsink design, M.2 shield FROZR, and fan headers to keep the temperature of the PC cool. The fan speed can also be controlled through the BIOS and software. Additionally, this motherboard has PCIe Gen3 x4 connections to transfer data at ultra-fast speed. The PCIe slots are also reinforced with steel armor to protect the GPUs against bending and prolong their lifespan.

It is also cost-effective and is available online for about $120-$130. MSI B460M-A Pro is no doubt a great motherboard with comprehensive features and certified compatible design that PC builder enthusiasts absolutely love.

ASROCK H470 Steel Legend is a decent motherboard with sturdy built and mesmerizing RGB support. The military-grade components and all-steel design enable this motherboard to deliver rock-solid performance and unwavering gaming stability. It also incorporates Nahimic audio technology and gold audio jacks to provide vibrant music output for gamers. Plus the POLYCHROME RGB software of this motherboard can be used to personalize LEDs across different devices.

This motherboard also comes with USB 3.2 Gen1 and Gen2 connectors that offer up to 5GB/s data transfer speed. ASROCK H470 Steel Legend is also equipped with Dragon 2.5 GB/s LAN and Clever Access Memory to maximize the gaming potential of the build. The Dragon LAN boosts network speed 2.5X times while the Clever Access Memory harnesses the full potential of GPU to removes bottleneck issues. Furthermore, ASROCK H470 Steel Legend supports full PCIe 4.0 hardware to further enhance the gaming experience.

It also has an advanced PCB and water pump header to disperse the heat produced during 4k gaming. Besides this, ASROCK H470 Steel Legend makes use of the 11 phase power design, 60A power chokes, and Dr.MOS power solution to provide a precise power supply to the processors. The ASROCK full spike protection keeps it safe from damage caused by power surges and voltage spikes etc. Last but not least, ASROCK H470 Steel Legend is available on Amazon for around $204-$215 which is reasonable for this motherboard.

This is a high-end motherboard that comes with intelligent controls, comprehensive cooling, and an optimized power delivery solution to support powerful 10th generation processors. ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS has also won various awards for its premium hardware and stable output performance. It is equipped with 8+1 DrMOS power stages, alloy chokes, 6-layer PCB, and ProCool sockets to back the processor with plenty of power supply.

ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS features UEFI BIOS intelligent controls to effectively tune motherboard profiles for maximizing system productivity.  In addition, it also makes use of ASUS OptiMem technology to improve memory clock output by carefully routing the traces. This helps ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS in running all AAA titles with little to no lagging.

Furthermore, it uses outstanding audio solutions to deliver high-fidelity gaming audio. The audio shielding feature and Japanese capacitors deliver realistic sound effects. ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS also has separate left and right audio paths for incoming and outgoing audio to preserve the integrity of audio signals. The Intel 1 Gb Ethernet and LANGuard allow it to provide a stable, reliable, and boosted network connection.

It is also equipped with a VRM heatsink, AiO pump header, multiple temperature sensors, and thermal pads to regulate the temperature of the build. The Fan Xpert 4 enables the users to tweak and control the cooling profile and speed of the fan. Plus ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS can be bought online for just $150-$160 which is very reasonable considering the latest technology and intelligent controls it offers.

This motherboard offers high-performance networking, exceptional power architecture, and even an attractive design. Gigabyte H470 AORUS PRO is engineered from different materials and textures to provide ultra-durability and unmatchable hardware scalability. It sports a multi-dimensional design as well as mesmerizing RGB support. The RGB fusion 2.0 Software can be used to customize the lights of all compatible products as well as the RGB LEDs of the motherboard.

Gigabyte H470 AORUS PRO makes use of an enlarged heatsink, thermal pads, M.2 thermal Guards to dissipate the heat and keep the PC stable during long gaming hours. Its Smart Fan 5 technology can be used by users to control and manage the cooling system as required. Along with this, Gigabyte H470 AORUS PRO is backed by an 11+1 power phase design and Low RDS(on) MOSFETs to provide a clean and precise power supply to different parts of the build.

It also comes with industry-leading network solutions to improve the online user experience. The onboard 2.5 GbE LAN enables it to provide 2X faster network connectivity for faster data transfer speed. Gigabyte H470 AORUS PRO even has WiFi 6 that enhances the wireless network connection to support high resolution online gaming with less downtime.

Plus Gigabyte H470 AORUS PRO comes with USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C connectors that can transfer up to 10 GB in one second.  It can be bought for $285-$305 from different online platforms.


Best m-ATX Motherboard for i5 10400F
Best Budget Motherboard for i5 10400
Best Budget B460 Motherboard for i5 10400

Motherboards are becoming better day by day, providing more ports, the latest features, and better overall performance. For Intel Core i5-10400 or 10400F, we have provided some of the best possible motherboards above. If you are a budget user, it would be better to buy a B460 or H470 chipset motherboard. These two chipsets do not support overclocking, and neither do the processors mentioned above.

However, if you are thinking of buying a motherboard once and for all, it would be better to buy a Z-series motherboard because you will be able to upgrade the processor to Core i7 and overclock it on such a motherboard as well. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the high-end features on a Z-series motherboard as well, such as a powerful audio chipset, a faster networking chipset, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying a Z-series motherboard for Core i5-10400/10400F?

The biggest advantage of a Z-series motherboard is that it is capable of overclocking the unlocked processors, but as these two processors are not unlocked, you won’t be able to overclock them no matter what. Therefore, a Z-series motherboard should only be considered if you are interested in its looks or want to upgrade your processor later, or want a particular feature that is not available in an H-series or B-series motherboard.

Should we consider buying a high-end VRM motherboard for this processor?

The VRM of a motherboard is one of its vital components, but for a processor like Core i5-10400, you will not require a high-end VRM. Such a VRM is usually needed when the processor is overclocked, and since there can be no overclocking on this processor, most motherboard’s VRMs should be enough for a Core i5-10400 or 10400F.

Can we use 11th-generation processors with 10th-generation motherboards?

Thankfully, Intel did not release new motherboards for the 11th-generation processors, which is why all the motherboards that work with Intel’s 10th-generation processor work with 11th-generation processors as well; the next-generation processors might not work on these motherboards, though.

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