Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER

Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
Memory Speed 4400 Mhz
Memory Slots 4x
PCIe x16 Slots 3x
M.2 Slots 3x

This motherboard is presented by Gigabyte Store that is known as one of the leading hardware manufacturing stores. It is most commonly known for introducing premium-quality hardware products like graphics cards, laptops, computers, and all the relevant components. It is one of those brands which has earned its name mainly because of its reliability in manufacturing durable and highly functional products.

This motherboard by Gigabyte is also one of those products which are counted among its best and top-rated manufactured items. It comes with the most advanced features, which you would not want to miss having in your personal setup. Whether you are desirous of playing your favorite game at the fastest speed or completing other heavy hard-drive demanding tasks, this motherboard has the solution as it is known as the best overclocking motherboard in present times.

Overclocking for your CPU is provided by the motherboard's advanced thermal design, which comes built with a direct touch heat pipe and a powerful Fins Array heatsink. Both of these work efficiently in reducing the temperature of the internal components and thus keeps your PC working at the advantageous temperature that speeds up your system considerably.

Moreover, the fantastic addition to this motherboard is its USB turbocharger with its fast mobile device charge support that helps you charge your phone at super-fast speed.

  • Premium overclocking.
  • Better memory support.
  • Great RGB addition.
  • I/O shield already installed.
  • BIOS is not good.
  • Not-so-good MB audio.

Asus ROG Maximus XI Gene Z390

Motherboard Asus Rog Maximus Xi Gene Z390
Memory Speed 2666 Mhz
Memory Slots 2x
M.2 Slots 1x
PCIe Slots 2x

If you are looking for the best ITX motherboard that could go just right with your i9 9900K, then considering this motherboard by ASUS might be your best choice. This motherboard is the best all-rounder that is amazing in-memory support, overclocking ability, and also in providing versatile connectivity support options.

Firstly, the motherboard is good enough in providing advanced memory support through its dual-capacity DRAM that incredibly supports up to 32 GB of memory per DIMM. This is an amazing feature that helps your PC accommodate much data without ever being running sloe. Also, it has the grounding and trace enhancements that come specially to maximize OC headroom along with upgrading the ASUS Optic-MEM II.

Then, this motherboard is powerful enough to provide better speed to your CPU to help it work faster and better. For this purpose, it has Revamped 5-way Optimization technology that is based on thermal telemetry and smart prediction, which carefully handles your system's over-heating issues. Additionally, to keep your system cooler and to work well at the desired speed, it has the FanXpert 4 system that is famous for delivering dynamic system cooling. This cooling greatly upgrades your system to support all your high-speed demanding tasks.

Not only this, but ASUS also took great care in shaping the design of this motherboard; it comes added with a pre-installed overclocking toolkit that is well-equipped with LEDs. These LEDs are brighter enough to show you the pause switch and Boot status for your convenience.

Next, the motherboard also comes with a pre-mounted I/O shield that helps you better in easily doing the streamlined installation. Not only this, but it also efficiently represents ROG's attention to all the quality and detail of your system.

Lastly, it provides you versatile connectivity supports and is capable of handling a wide variety of devices for your ease. These devices which it supports include; ROG DIMM.2, onboard 802.11AC WiFi, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core processors that come with the ability to maximize both the speed and connectivity of your system.

  • Versatile connectivity support.
  • Great overclocking.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Impressive cooling.
  • M.2 parts missing.
  • A bit pricy.

Asus ROG Strix Z390

Motherboard Asus Rog Strix Z390
Memory Speed 2133 Mhz
Memory Slots 4x
PCIe Slots 6x
M.2 Slots 2x

ASUS is one of most leading manufacturers worldwide whose work is inspired by the commitment to quality and innovation in the design and performance of the products. Its manufactured products include graphics cards, netbooks, notebooks, motherboards, etc. Its motherboards are among the top-selling products among the worldwide PC using community.

This ROG Strix Z390 by ASUS is known as the best premium motherboard that comes featured-packed only to make your PC usage time more fun, relaxed, and memorable. It can maximize the speed and connectivity of both 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core processors. It does it with its USB 3.1 Gen 2, ASUS optimum II, onboard 802.11AC WiFi, and the Dual M.2.

Along with this, the motherboard ensures to maintain the overclocking stability and enhances the performance of your CPU to let it support whatever high-profile task you do on it.

Furthermore, its Revamped 5-way Optimization technology also helps it in upgrading the overclocking stability for your processor. It comes included with smart thermal telemetry and also the FanXpert 4, which are highly known for delivering the dynamic cooling system for your build.

Additionally, the safe slots, DRAM, and ESD guards of this motherboard greatly help it to make sure that your system lives longer and performs much stable than any other conventional motherboard. A long-living and featured-packed motherboard is always appreciated among almost every PC user who knows what difference can it make to their lives.

Finally, this motherboard comes pre-installed with an I/O shield that makes it perfectly easier and smoother for you in the process of installation and has the power to represent the ROG's attention to quality and all the detail of your system.

  • Robust performance.
  • Easy to build on.
  • Feature-rich.
  • Impressive looking.
  • Cheap build quality.
  • Expensive.


Motherboard Msi Meg Godlike Z390
Memory Speed 4600 MHz
Memory Slots 4x
M.2 Slots 3x
PCIe X16 Slots 4x

If you are in search of a motherboard that could provide you advanced level speed and performance for all your hard-core operations, try out this one by MSI. It is the most amazing motherboard that has both the quality and a featured pack existence for impressive performance.

This motherboard strongly supports i5-9600K and 8th Generation Intel Core, i7-9700K, 9th i9-9900K, 8th Gen Pentium Gold and Celeron processors for LGA 1151 socket to make you enjoy your best ever PC usage time on whatever platform you have for it.

Also, it comes supporting a dual-channel DDR4 memory that can reach up to 4600 OC. It adds more quality to its performance as it provides you enough space to keep your files and that too, without ever being slow.

Additionally, the motherboard also provides you best customization options; it has Mystic Light Infinity thing in it to make it look most amazing with the powerful light effects. It has 16.8 million colors that combine to create as much as up to 29 effects. All you have to do is that connect the RAINBOW LED or RGB strip directly with an addressable header, and you will get to create an attractive gaming PC.

This is to say that this motherboard is exclusively made for extreme overclocking, hard-core gaming, and also for demanding content creation, so it has everything that helps it in supporting all of these. So now, no matter what you plan to do on your PC, this motherboard will never leave you behind.

To enhance the speed and connectivity support of your processor to better support all your operations, the motherboard also has Dual Front USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, 3x Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield Frozr, 2x Killer E2500 LAN, and also the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 WiFi.

  • Incredible performance.
  • Impressive RGB lightning.
  • Powerful heatsinks for cooling.
  • Much expensive.

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro

Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Aorus pro
Memory Speed 2133 Mhz
Memory Slots 4x
M.2 Slots 2x
PCIe X16 Slots 3x

Along with its widest range of features, this motherboard by Gigabyte is most exclusive in both its performance and reliability. It comes with an option to support both 8th and 9th gen Intel Core processors, so whatever processor you have among these, you can enjoy its compatibility and connection with this stunning motherboard.

Its dual-channel DDR4 RAM and 4 DIMMs increase its ability to support better memory. It will greatly help you get better performance and storage capacity for all your operations.

While talking about its ability to keep the processor cooler and working efficiently under every circumstance, it also comes with an advanced Thermal Design. This design has powerful heat pipes and multi-cuts heatsinks that regulate the temperature of your processor. At this regulated temperature, your processor never runs slowly to irritate you while you want to enjoy your free time even better.

Not only this, but to enhance this cooling system, even more, the motherboard is well-equipped with Smart Fan 5 features that also have a wide range of temperature sensors. Also, it comes with a FAN STOP and Hybrid Fan Headers for effective and more advanced cooling.

The most attractive thing about this motherboard is that it comes with an RGB Fusion technology that has a multi-zone LED light show. This design also supports RGB light strips and also the addressable LED, which you can make use of to get a cooler and impressive look for your CPU.

  • Powerful cooling system.
  • Better customization options.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Durable.
  • BIOS has no RGB setting.
  • BIOS is outdated.

Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard

Motherboard Msi Z390-A Pro
Memory Speed 4400 Mhz
Memory Slots 4x
M.2 Slots 2x
PCIe X16 Slots 3x

Next on our list is this wonderful motherboard that comes with both an attractive design and powerful feature to perform better and advanced than any other similar motherboard. Installing this motherboard in your CPU might help you get a better experience with whatever you do on it.

Most importantly, the motherboard comes with a Revamped 5-Way Optimization that is intelligent and advanced enough to overclock your CPU to make it perform even better than other normal CPUs. This Optimization technology is based mainly on thermal telemetry and smart prediction features that take great care of maintaining the temperature of your CPU to normal.

Adding to it, its 5X protection III safeguards come with LAN Guard, Safe Slot Core, and Overvoltage protection that provide long life to the CPU and also add greater reliability in its performance. To help you control its dynamic system cooling, it has pre-installed FanXpert 4 that comes with a premium quality advanced fan control.

Not ending here, along with providing you this wide range of features, this motherboard also allows you to connect it to both 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core processors. This feature helps your system a lot in getting greater speed and connectivity options mainly because it is USB 3. 1 Gen2, M. 2, ASUS Optimum II. These also provide you better F+DRAM overclocking stability for efficient performance.

  • Best for DAWs and Video rendering.
  • Premium-quality cooling.
  • Versatile connectivity support.
  • RGB headers not good.
  • It doesn't work with Win7.
  • BIOS update is needed.


Motherboard Msi Z390-a pro Lga1151
Memory Speed 4400 Mhz
Memory Slots 4x
M.2 Slots 2x
PCIe X16 Slots 2x

Firstly, this motherboard is most commonly known for its high-end performance and long-living design that most people wouldn't want to miss. It comes with increased support options for i5-9600K, 9th i9-9900K, 8th Generation Intel Core, i7-9700K, 8th Gen Pentium Gold, and also the 8th Gen Celeron processors that are made for LGA 1151 socket.

In addition to it, the motherboard also supports dual-channel DDR4 memory that exceeds the maximum of up to 4400(OC) MHz. Also, Its Core boost technology that comprises of ddr4 boost and 8+4 pin CPU power connector, is also admirable in enhancing the memory capacity of your CPU.

Furthermore, this motherboard is exclusively built for reliable performance that every PC user is found to have in their setup. Its operating system is best in supporting windows 10 that reaches up to 64 bit in existence.

Moreover, it's Turbo M.2 technology that includes PCI-E gen3 x4 interface is famous for maximizing the performance of the CPU. Also, the steel armor PCI-E slots are powerful enough in supporting the 2-way and crossfire.

To make your CPU well-equipped with advanced stability and the fastest USB speed, this motherboard has a turbo USB and USB 3.1 gen2 controller that also provides you an uninterrupted connection with whatever device you connect with it for your convenience.

Finally, the most powerful and extended heatsink design that comprises an enhanced circuit design and an MSI extended PWM turns your CPU extremely fast by lowering down the increased temperature of your processor.

  • Customizable BIOS.
  • Nice build quality.
  • Wide range of overclocking features.
  • Upgraded software.
  • Not compatible with Win7.
  • Included instructions are poor.

GIGABYTE Z390 Ultra Durable

Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Ultra Durable
Memory Speed 4400 Mhz
Memory Slots 4x
M.2 Slots 1x
PCIe X16 Slots 3x

This is one of the most durable and reliably performing motherboards that you might not want to miss out on if you have ever been greatly concerned about getting these things in your personal motherboard.

To provide you versatility in the connected devices, it comes with better support for both 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core processors. So, even if you are using the 8th Gen and want to upgrade it to the next one, you wouldn't have to replace your motherboard; you can enjoy its better connections with the Next Gen also.

Moreover, it comes with 4 DIMMs and a dual-channel non-ECC un-buffered DDR4 for better memory support. Also, it has an I/O Controller Chip to make its Intel Optane Memory extremely powerful for all heavy-duty operations.

Additionally, the most admirable thing about this motherboard is that it comes supported with RGB light strips that have the widest range of colors. These colors make your CPU look more attractive and give a feeling of owning the classy-looking build in your home.

It has an ultra-durable design that comes with multi-way graphics support to help you enjoy the better performance of your processor. Whatever you do on your system, this motherboard is great in supporting you incredibly in your task.

If you are worried about over-heating issues of your CPU, you can simply take advantage of the Smart Fan 5 feature of this motherboard. Also, to keep your system cooler and to work better, the motherboard also has advanced temperature sensors and hybrid fan headers. With these additions, the board becomes highly efficient in making your system cooler and better in its performance.

  • Advanced cooling system.
  • Ultra-durable design.
  • Premium memory support.
  • Reliable performance.
  • • Non-stop buzzing sound is produced.