How Much Does a Motherboard Cost?

Atif Liaqat | Last Updated On February 4th, 2022

When it comes to building a PC the motherboard can be one of the most important parts of a gaming PC. It is like the brain for your PC it allows the computer’s components to talk to one another efficiently. A good motherboard can make a huge difference in how your PC runs and provides you with a great foundation on which to build your gaming PC. In this article, I will discuss how much the average motherboard should cost and provide you with different options for motherboards from budget-friendly to high-end motherboards.

The average cost of a modestly powerful motherboard should be somewhere between 100$ to 600$. You might think that 600$ is too much for a motherboard but a high-end motherboard allows your PC to run the latest graphic-intensive games smoothly without any hiccups provided that you also have a decent graphics card, CPU, and RAM.

Quick Motherboard Recommendations

Award Model Price
Best Budget Motherboard ASROCK A520M ITX/AC Gaming MotherBoard Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Overall Motherboard under 300$ Asus TUF Gaming Z590-Plus Wi-Fi Check Price Read Customer Reviews

How Much Does a Motherboard Cost? Reviews

If you have been gaming for a while you know how expensive it can be to find the right motherboard for your PC. That is why it is important to find a good motherboard for gaming on a budget. One of the best motherboards you can get on A budget is the ASROCK A520M ITX/AC GAMING MOTHERBOARD. The AsRock motherboard will cost you around 106$ and has great performance given the price range. While the ASROCK A520M ITC/AC is one of the most expensive A520 boards it makes up for it with its built-in wifi which is rare for A520 boards. This is very useful for any gamers as most of the modern games require you to be online to get the most out of the game like apex legends and call of duty. The ASROCK supports speeds of up to 433 Mbps which should be adequate for high-speed internet connections. Another great thing about this motherboard is that it supports the AMD Ryzen 500 series and the Ryzen 4000 series APUs. You can combine a Zen 3 CPU with this type of motherboard to get an affordable system that has the power to beat almost any intel. The one drawback is that it does not offer the overclock support like the B550. Its performance was as one would expect and allows your games to play smoothly with high refresh at 4K if desired. This can be done by pairing your A520 board with a top-tier GPU.

The Asus TUF Gaming Z590-Plus Wi-Fi gaming motherboard is considered by many the best motherboard to use when building a gaming PC without spending all your food budget. We all can’t have a gaming rig like Dr. Disrespect that costs over $200,000. This is a top-tier motherboard at a reasonable price, given Asus’s wonderful reputation for building reliable products at a great price range. This is perfect for someone that is after a board that will rarely give you any issues while proving great performance. The design is also quite intriguing as it features some RGB lights on the sides. The Z590 comes with three M.2 slots with one of those slots supporting PCIe 4.0 which is not often seen in boards at this price range. It also has six fan headers and two RGB headers. I would recommend this motherboard to any gamer out there as it’s more important to spend more of your budget on a faster GPU or better SSD. This is by far the best board you can get if you are on a strict budget.

Is it worth it to replace a motherboard?

When it comes to replacing a motherboard the value of it can depend on your specific situation. Let’s say that your laptop or PC has a busted motherboard it can sometimes be better to replace the motherboard if the cost is not too much. If the cost of replacing the motherboard for a laptop is over 300$ I would say that it is better to just buy a new laptop or upgrade the motherboard to something better if that is possible. But if you have a gaming pc that has started to slow down and you are wondering should you replace it. I would say yes since the motherboard is an essential component of your system. It can be expensive but the benefits in my opinion out way the cost if you want to use your PC for gaming.

Benefits of replacing a motherboard

You will see an instant improvement in the speed, hardware support, and graphics that can be produced. With an upgraded motherboard you can also upgrade your CPU and GPU which will lead to a better performing gaming PC. If your budget is not that big and you are using your PC for gaming the GPU is more important. Upgrading your motherboard/GPU will lead to better performance, games will run faster with less lag. I also love the fact that you can go into the settings of the game and max it out which is awesome. There is no better feeling as a gamer than going into the setting and seeing that your PC can run the game at its max settings.

What are the disadvantages of Having a low-end Motherboard?

A low-end motherboard will lack the interior cooling system of a mid-tier to high-end one. This means that it will have smaller heatsinks, fewer fans (see also how many fans should a gaming PC have), and some components like a high-end CPU and GPU won’t work with them. It may also have no wifi built-in, fewer USB ports, and fewer slots in general. If you care about audio you shouldn’t get a low-end motherboard as the sound will be lacking.

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Best Overall Motherboard under 300$

The average cost of a motherboard online is somewhere around 96$. That is not that much since the motherboard is one of the main parts of a PC. It connects the various components of your PC while improving performance and reducing system failures. I would recommend getting a motherboard at around 150$ if you want a gaming PC powerful enough to handle most games and tasks. If you want a powerful gaming pc that will be the envy of most, be prepared to spend over 500$ and if you want to replace your CPU, make sure that what you are buying is compatible with your motherboard.

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