Rampage Games Studio

Most Deft | Last Updated On February 4th, 2022

Rampage Games Studio is a game studio focused on creating new IPs for mobile devices. They were founded in 2015 with the goal of building their first game, Rampage Nation which was released earlier this year. Most recently, they’ve announced that they’re working on their next project which will be releasing some time next year.

Rampage Games Studio is currently owned and operated by 12 people with 4 of them working on the development team and the other 8 in marketing and business.

The studio specializes in building mobile games that focus on multiplayer experiences for between two to four players. Their goal is to build new IPs that are fun, engaging, interactive, competitive, easy to learn but difficult to master. Current projects that they’re working on include Rampage Nation, Skid Rivals and their new IP which will be launching next year.

Rampage Games Studio is currently working on improving their marketing team in order to help grow the studio further while continuing to release games every few months. The founders believe that with high quality games combined with polished marketing strategies, they’ll become a major force in the mobile gaming industry.

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