Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 3700X in 2023

Mehak Sohail | Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023

AMD stepped up their technology game when it took the throne from the stagnant processor product king, Intel. AMD did that by coming up with the Zen 2 series, based on the 7nm die which came with massive performance and efficiency boosts over the Intel I series processors. One such product is the Ryzen 7 3700X processor and today I am going to be telling you that if you choose to make a PC around it, which best motherboards for Ryzen 7 3700X will be the best option for you. For the best GPUs for Ryzen 7 3700x, check this article.

The 3700X is an 8 core 16 threads processor which can reach a frequency of 4.4 GHz when overclocked, and as a cherry on top, the processor has a TDP of 65 watts only, making it one of the best choices for a high mid-range PC. But before I dive into the list, I would like you to consider some factors before making your choice for the motherboard.

Quick Motherboard Recommendations for Ryzen 7 3700X

Award Model Price
Best High-End Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Premium Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X MSI MEG X570 ACE Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Overall Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Price to Performance Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Mid-Range X570 Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best ATX Form Factor Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING X Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best B550 Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X GIGABYTE B550M AORUS PRO Check Price Read Customer Reviews

The Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 3700X

The ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming will require you to have a decent budget at hand but trust me it’s worth the money. The 12+4 VRM design will make sure that your PC components are getting enough power when they need it and it has the aesthetic looks to back it up as an option as well.

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The rear I/O panel gives the users quite a lot of connectivity options; the board has got 15 USB ports at the front and the back. While there is a missing clear CMOS that should have been included, but the motherboard makes it up with the heatsinked dual m.2 drive slots and reinforced PCIe slots with 16 lane capability.

Since its one of the higher-end boards available in the market, you can easily connect the latest high-end GPUs like the RTX 3090 and the RX 6900XT on it due to the presence of PCIe Gen 4 x16 slots as the ASUS ROG series has always catered to high-end gamers who want to get the maximum performance out of their hardware which delivers the highest frame rates without any bottlenecks. You even get Crossfire and SLI support should your workload demands it. The board also features Dual LAN and Wifi 6 modules which will take care of all your connectivity needs. If you choose this motherboard, you won’t be held back by any thermal throttling or performance degradation that may arise from the heat generated by the hardware. Postcode display and diagnostic LEDs have also been included so that the installation part is made easier.

This motherboard is also one of the best motherboards for Ryzen 9 3950x. Moreover, the motherboard comes with a 3-year warranty as well! What else do you need?

What We Like
Dual M.2 drive slots with heatsinks
Multi GPUs supported i.e. Crossfire and SLI
I/O shield that comes pre-mounted from the factory
Know Before Buying
8 channel audio not supported
Clear CMOS not included on the rear panel
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If you’re looking for another enthusiast-class motherboard then the MSI MEG X570 ACE is the motherboard for you! It has got the premium grade components such as steel armor shielded DIMM slots and PCIe slots, that are not available on other motherboards making it a unique choice since these features are not available on other motherboards. Engineers at MSI made sure that there is an inclusion of an active cooling system on the motherboard, a heat pipe runs from the VRM phase MOS to the chipset along with a chipset cooler fan so that temperatures can stay down throughout the board.

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Overclockers love this board as the VRM phases 12+2+1 deliver the power quite efficiently and help keep the system stable. There is even an O.C switch on the motherboard that allows you to OC with no software tuning. The board even comes with a dual 8 pin connector, which just goes to show that MSI designed this board with decent OC headroom. There are three PCIe 4.0 slots that are capable of 16 lanes and allow SLI and Crossfire technologies to work flawlessly. The total number of USB ports on the motherboard on the front and back are 17, which is a hefty amount of ports that allow you no restrictions on the USB peripherals that you can connect on the board. There are three M.2 drive slots as well which will take care of all your fast speed storage needs.

Despite all of these options and their price tag, some people feel that the board should come with more SATA ports which are just 4 in number. While there are two PCIe x1 slots but both of them cannot be used at the same time and only one can be used. To fully experience what the audio module has to offer, bulky software needs to be installed so that audio enhancements can be experienced, which might slow down the system. But despite its quirks, this motherboard is still the best premium board on the market and it will give you a satisfying experience should you choose to buy it to pair with a ryzen 3700X.

What We Like
Active cooling solution
Steel armored DIMM and PCIe slots
Good EMI protection
Know Before Buying
Quad GPU SLI not supported
DDL/DDTS connection not included
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This motherboard right here is the best option that money can buy for you if your choice of processor is a 3700X. All the products that ASUS releases under its ROG series are designed for hardcore gamers who won’t settle for anything but the best and Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula is no different. It will perform all kinds of workloads without breaking a sweat, whether it is content creation, gaming, or overclocking experimentation, it will give you the best experience that you can ask for. It has multiple expansion slots, high-quality audio, and to top it off it has liquid-cooled VRMs which will let you OC at lower temperatures with maximum stability.

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ASUS has especially designed this motherboard keeping overclockers in mind as the postcode display, power buttons and reset buttons. It is the ideal motherboard that can be used for test benches. The motherboard is capable of hosting 128GB of DDR4 RAM which can be clocked up to 5100 MHz. The motherboard takes care of your storage needs with its dual M.2 slots with the primary slot capable of PCIe 4.0 mode. The PCIe 4 x16 slots are 5 in number and they are capable of both SLI and Crossfire technology. The Wifi 6 and the 5G LAN port will make sure that your network connectivity doesn’t falter at all in intense gaming sessions where even the tiniest of lag can determine tilt the odds between victory and defeat.

The BIOS might need to be updated, but many have praised the BIOS User Interface and its ability to allow for super easy tweaking. If you want an all in one rig then the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula should be your rig’s foundation.

What We Like
5G Ethernet and Wifi 6 module
Variety of USB ports
Easy to tweak with great OC headroom
Know Before Buying
Video ports not included
Passive chipset cooling is not available
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The MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS has got you covered! You will get all the features that a high-end PC needs and it won’t blow a hole in your pockets either. If you don’t like to dabble in overclocking then this is the motherboard for you. The Motherboard has 4 DIMM slots that can host DDR4 128 GB of RAM clocked at 4400 MHz along with supporting AMD’s StoreMI technology as well that will speed up your data transfer rate and faster loading times.

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MSI has built an active cooling system in the motherboard which keeps the chipset cool and it is quite intuitive as the fans go idle when under no load. The Dragon Center which is patented by MSI makes it easy to tweak your performance and the 8+4 VRMs make sure that your processor is getting all the power it needs. The audio module is server-grade and it helps in intense gaming sessions when you need to pinpoint the opponent’s location using sound.

There are two PCIe Gen 4 x16 slots that come with reinforced steel armor that will help prevent any GPU sagging that occurs in most desktop scenarios. There are 17 USB ports on the motherboard which will allow you to connect multiple peripherals without a need for additional USB splitters and it comes with a one year warranty from MSI. Nonetheless, some people have complained about the rear panel which doesn’t come integrated from the factory and has to be installed manually, thus taking away some points from the aesthetic looks. But all in all, if you choose this motherboard it will surely give you high performance to value experience.

What We Like
Primary M.2 slot heatsink
Digital PWM IC
Value to performance board
Know Before Buying
The Rear I/O panel is not integrated by default.
No wireless modules included
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The GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE motherboard as it comes with a 3 year extended warranty period along with exceptional customer support. The motherboard is no slouch either, as it comes with a great thermal solution. Due to the 1.5mm thick thermal pad located under the VRM which has 12+2 phases so that you’re covered from both ends, the thermal pad and the heat sink will make sure that your temps stay down, while the VRMs will make sure that voltage and current are distributed evenly so that you can get maximum stability.

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Gigabyte has included dual m.2 slots and also placed a heat sink on the primary m.2 slot but not on the secondary, so you might have to invest in an aftermarket part for that. Also, there is no USB Type-C port on the rear I/O panel and no integrated Wi-Fi module, which might troublesome people. But, this is a mid-range option and it more than makes up for it with the other features it offers.

It supports DDR4 128 GB of RAM which can be overclocked to 4400 MHz, which is more than enough to avoid any sort of lag in gaming or any other workload. The Ethernet port included is the Intel GbE LAN chip which will take care of all your networking needs and is one of the most reliable LAN chipsets in the market. The PCB layer is another added feature delivered by Gigabyte to ensure crisp clean audio for gamers and video editors making it an excellent budget choice.

What We Like
Variety of temp sensors
Great thermal solution
Audio Noise guard
Know Before Buying
No Wireless module
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If form factor is important to you then fret not this motherboard by ASRock will satisfy your needs just fine as it's considered by many a high-end board that has the features to justify its cost. Coming with clean aesthetics and Dual LAN and Wifi modules, the ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING X surely gives its competitors a tough time. The color scheme is black and white and the RGB touch makes it quite the visual treat to look at, and to top things off, it easily syncs with a lot of other PC components as well.

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Since the cost is a little bit on the higher side, many have complained that higher RAM frequencies such as 5100 MHz should have been supported, whereas this motherboard only supports up to 4666 MHz, which isn’t a small number either. Then many have complained about the rear I/O panel cutouts misalignment as the cutouts are more prominent on ports.

Nonetheless, despite its shortcomings, it’s a value to money product as it gives you quad SLI and Tri Crossfire Capabilities. The expansion slots are the latest Gen 4 and can make use of the maximum bandwidth that is available from the chipset and the processor. The 14 phases VRMs make it easy for overclockers to tweak the settings and get the maximum performance out of this motherboard. There are three M.2 slots, 8 SATA ports; along 12 USB ports that make this motherboard an attractive choice for pairing it up with a 3700X processor.

What We Like
14 phase VRMs
3 PCIe 4.0 x16 slots
Quad SLI and Tri Crossfire support
Know Before Buying
BIOS is not user friendly
The Rear I/O panel is misaligned.
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Now, this right here is the best budget option for Ryzen 3700X. The B550 chipset strikes the right balance between the b450 and X570. While there are fewer PCIe 4.0 slots, but they’re more effective and in the most used places.

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The GIGABYTE B550M AORUS PRO has been specifically chosen because of its ability to stay cool even in intense workloads. The board runs just fine with passive cooling as the PCIe lanes are the ones that are being accessed via the CPU, which is why it doesn’t generate a lot of heat. Speaking of heat generation a heatsinked M.2 drive is also thrown into the mix which reduces the chance of thermal throttling making your operations as smooth as possible.

But there is a trade-off as this is a budget option as it’s an mATX motherboard it has lesser expansion slots. Then again many users don’t utilize the secondary and tertiary options unless they have GPU intensive workloads regularly. There is no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth module either. While the primary M.2 slot has a heatsink, the secondary slot doesn’t have one which could lead to thermal throttling, and there are only 4 SATA ports present, which might be a problem for people whose line of work demands a lot of drive space.

Still, the 10+3 VRMs will make it quite easy for gamers to OC their CPUs and get the maximum frames that the Ryzen 3700X can deliver, pair it up with an AIO and you’re good to go as it can easily handle high frequency overclocks of the Ryzen 3700X. The board also has an AMP –UP audio chipset which is a renowned brand for delivering high quality and crisp audio to gamers so that they can pinpoint the enemy’s location with ease.

What We Like
13 Phase VRM design
The audio chipset is of high quality
Hybrid fan headers
Know Before Buying
No wireless module
No heatsink on secondary M.2 slot.
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Factors to consider for the best motherboards for Ryzen 7 3700X


First and foremost, your budget is the deciding factor on which motherboard you can buy. More budget means that you will be able to get more features such as more PCIe lanes and RGB lighting, and other connectivity ports, lesser budget means that you will get the necessary features, but not the optional ports or aesthetic modules. So, if you can afford it, don’t cheap out.

Form factor (Size)

There are a lot of motherboard options in the market right now and they come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right sized motherboard is an important decision to make as you might need to change the case for the motherboard of your choice if the case can’t fit the motherboard inside itself so make sure you choose the size according to the case. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the size of the motherboard, the more features you will have at your disposal. The form factors of the motherboard usually start from the smaller Mini-ITX, Mini-ATX, MicroATX, ATX, and the eATX. Make sure you know the size of the motherboard beforehand to avoid inconveniences later on.


chipset on the motherboard.

Your motherboard will depend a lot on the chipset, currently, you can choose from the budget b450, the mid-range b550, and the higher end x570 options. The budget motherboards will come with lesser features and the higher end will have more of them. Choose wisely.


If you work with a lot of peripherals then having a large number of ports is something you should make sure of when choosing a motherboard. You should choose a motherboard that has multiple ports on the back and front and in a large variety.

Technology is always advancing and it’s good to future proof your build, so it’s always good to have ports like the USB Type C at your disposal as many devices are switching to it. Here is a list of ports that your motherboard should come included with:

  • USB 3.1 Gen2
  • USB 3 / USB 3.1 Gen1
  • USB Type-C
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Audio Ports
  • PS/2 Ports


It’s always good to have ports that allow for the expansion of components that facilitate your work. This can include Wi-Fi modules, capture cards, additional M.2 drives, secondary GPUs and various other expansion modules. Make sure, you choose a motherboard that has additional expansion slots which can host these components. Generally, smaller motherboards tend to have lesser expansion slots as compared to larger motherboards, which have more expansion slots that you can use to plug in your desired components.

Now that I have explained which factors to look out for let’s dive straight into the list of motherboards that you can pair with a Ryzen 7 3700X


Best High-End Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X
Best Premium Motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700X
Best Overall Motherboard for Ryzen 3700X

The 3700X is quite the performance to value option and I have included the best motherboard options available in the market right now from all budget ranges, from high to low. While some are future proof, others will become obsolete in a couple of years so you might need to upgrade at the time. The choice is up to you as you might save up now but you will have to upgrade later, so choose wisely. A good motherboard for pairing up with a 3700X should have compatibility with upcoming technologies so that you have headroom for upgrading. Nonetheless, make sure you choose a motherboard with plentiful VRMs so that no matter how intense your workload gets, your system should remain as stable and cool as possible.

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