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Intel Rocket Lake processors were released in Q1 2021, providing up to 20% improved performance compared to Comet Lake processors. The Core i5-11600K is a mid-range processor from the 11th-generation Core-series processors and comes with six cores and twelve threads. Intel has released the 500-series motherboards for this generation, with the Z590 chipset being the flagship chipset, followed by H570, B560, and H510 chipset. 

The Z590 chipset can overclock the unlocked motherboards, while in 500-series chipsets, B560 and H570 motherboards can overclock the memory but not the processor. Since 400-series chipsets use an LGA-1200 socket, you can use H410, B460, or Z490 chipset motherboards with this processor, too; however, you won’t be able to get the latest features such as PCI-E 4.0 while using these chipsets. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best motherboards for i5 11600K that can prove to be a viable suitor to this latest processor.

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Quick Buying Tips!

Shopping for a motherboard is a troublesome task once you get to know the number of various motherboard models and check their specifications. That is why we have created this buying guide for those who cannot differentiate between various motherboards and need help selecting the best motherboard for Core i5-11600K.

Chipset: The first thing you should decide is the chipset of the motherboard. Various motherboard chipsets have distinctive capabilities. The Z-series motherboards are capable of overclocking the processor and memory. The B-series chipsets are mainstream budget chipsets that provide basic functionalities and good-quality I/O features. The H-series chipsets are slightly cheaper than B-series chipsets and include lesser I/O features. Both the B-series and H-series chipsets were incapable of overclocking the processor and memory, although Intel has enabled memory overclocking on the latest B560 and H570 chipsets.

I/O Features: The I/O features of a motherboard are among the basic requirements of a user. A motherboard comes with many rear I/O ports such as USB ports, LAN ports, display ports, and audio ports. Some motherboards come with fewer ports for cost savings, while high-end motherboards come with the latest ports, and the number of ports is higher than budget motherboards.

Exclusive Features: Many manufacturers provide unique features in their motherboards these days to get an edge over competitors, and these features matter a lot to enthusiasts. Sometimes, these are the only difference between some motherboard variants, which is why you must pay attention to the exclusive features of a motherboard before finalizing a product. For instance, some motherboards come with small OLED displays on them for diagnostic and statistics purposes, which not only help the user but also look fantastic.

Best Motherboards for i5 11600K Reviews


Intel Core i5-11600K is the latest i5 processor from the Blue Team, having six cores and twelve threads. The processor uses an LGA-1200 socket and is compatible with 400-series and 500-series motherboards. Since it is a K-series processor, it is overclockable, and thus it is best suited with a Z-series motherboard. The Z590 motherboard is the flagship motherboard chipset for this processor, while the B560, H570, and H510 chipsets are cheaper. 

The B460 and H410 chipset motherboards are the cheapest motherboards compatible with this processor, although 400-series motherboards do not provide the latest features such as PCI-E 4.0. For those who do not wish to overclock their processor, the B460 or B560 chipsets will suit them while for overclockers, the Z590 or Z490 chipset motherboards are best for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chipset for Intel Core i5-11600K?

Intel Core i5-11600K is best-suited with the Z590 chipset since it is an overclocked processor and can be overclocked using any Z-series motherboard. If you are not into overclocking, it would be better to buy a B560 chipset motherboard because these motherboards cost way lower than a good-quality Z590 motherboard.

What is the difference between a B-series and H-series chipset?

The B-series chipsets are aimed towards average users who want an average experience with their rigs. The H-series chipset motherboards, on the other hand, are budget motherboards that provide fewer I/O features than the B-series chipsets. Sometimes, the H-series motherboards are better than the B-series motherboards, especially when the model number is higher than the B-series motherboard, such as an H570 motherboard compared to the B560 motherboard.

Can we use 400-series motherboards with Intel Core i5-11600K?

Both the 400-series and 500-series motherboards come with an LGA-1200 socket, which is why these motherboards support both 10th and 11th-generation processors. The disadvantage of using a 400-series motherboard is that such motherboards do not support the latest technologies such as PCI-E 4.0, etc.

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