Graphics Card XFX RX 5600 XT THICC II PRO
Cores 2304 cores
Core Clock 1560 MHz
Boost Clock 1620 MHz
Memory 6 GB GDDR6 14 GBPS
Memory Speed 14 GBPS
Output 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × HDMI, 1 × DVI
PSU 500W

There might be no other better option for you than the AMD RX 5600 XT when it comes to the budget. This might be one of the cheapest graphics cards that you can pair up with this processor while allowing you to play games at least 1080p, if not 1440p. The Navi 10 XLE die is equipped on this card which offers a base clock rate of 1375 MHz and 2304 stream multiprocessors.

Another exciting thing about this graphics card is the 14 GBPS GDDR6 memory which most of the Nvidia cards at the same price lacks, which makes this card more compelling. However, this card's actual Nvidia competitor is GTX 1660 Super, but it's way cheaper than that and very power efficient as it has a TDP of 150W where the clock rate can be easily boosted to 1620 MHz.

There are a couple of aftermarket cards of AMD RX 5600 XT, but the one I would recommend you is the XFX RX 5600 XT THICC II PRO. I've picked this one because you might already know that when it comes to AMD cards, XFX and Sapphire has one of the best cooling solutions installed in their cards, which offers some overclocking potential.

XFX alone has several different variants of this card but try getting the dual fans 14 GBPS one which the other one is 12 GBPS, and there is no price difference between them. So getting the better one would be good without spending more.

Aesthetically this graphics card is pretty straightforward, but the backplate and the completely black color that shines in RGB builds increases its value. There are three DisplayPort, one HDMI, and one DVI slot on the side, which allows you to connect four monitors at one with this card. The top side of this card has space for an 8-Pin power connecter, giving most of the power to this card to run.

Overall it's a good option if you have to play Esport games or AAA titles at 1080p resolution, but of course, with this price, you may have to make some compromise. But if you are thinking of getting some non-RTX Turing-based card, it's a much better option than them.


  1. Play games at 1440p without breaking the bank.
  2. Exceptional 1080p gaming performance.
  3. Way better than RTX 2060 in price and performance.
  4. Doesn’t supports RTX features.
  • Excellent 1080p gaming performance.
  • Entry-level 1440p graphics card.
  • Better than most of the RTX 2060 AIBs.
  • Power-efficient card than 2060.
  • Price cut down would be appertained.
  • Struggle to run games at 1440p.
  • Lacks Ray Tracing.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra Gaming

Graphics Card EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra Gaming
Cores 2176
Core Clock NA
Boost Clock 1680 MHz
Memory 8 GB
Memory Speed 14 GBPS
OUTPUT PORTS 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × HDMI
PSU 550W

The Nvidia Super line of graphics cards was released to compete with the AMD Navi cards as they were powerful than them but also comes at a low price. The announcement of these cards was sudden, and all of them are the refresh models of their originals featuring more power for less price, at least for these days where mining is at its peak.

The RTX 2060 Super is one of the excellent options to pair up with Ryzen 7 2700X and if you are willing to try out the Real-Time Ray Tracing or DLSS. This card’s performance is excellent, and it can be used for mid-range gaming at 1080p and 1440p resolution though you may have to compromise on in-game settings or frame rates in some latest titles.

AMD's graphics card offers the same performance is RX 5700, but this one has the advantage of RTX features that AMD lacks even in the RX 6000 series (Only a few games support). EVGA has a solid entry in RTX 2060S cards featuring the GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra Gaming.

This card's overclocking potential is also great, but the power consumption is also much as it needs one 8-Pin connectors to fulfill its power requirements. However, those users who want this card for VR gaming might get disappointed because, except Gigabyte, no other vendor offers a USB Type-C port on RTX 2060 Super.

There are 2176 CUDA cores in this card and its boost clock reaches up to 1680 MHz which it offers 8 GB of GDDR6 memory with 14GBPS memory speed. The front side of this card has three DP and one HDMI port which in total connects with four displays at once.

As we know, most users can’t afford graphics cards these days because of their shortage and high demand for mining, and for that time, this card is a great option to consider. EVGA offers solid build quality, exceptional performance, and better clocks than any other vendor making the GeForce RTX 2060 Super SC Ultra Gaming best GPU for Ryzen 7 2700X.


  1. Better than RTX 2060 for the same price.
  2. Entry-level graphics cards offering RTX features.
  3. Great for 1080p & 1440p gaming.
  4. No support for 4K gaming.
  5. With RTX features, performance goes worse in the latest titles.
  • Offers a great 1440p performance.
  • Excellent design and thermal solution.
  • Budget-friendly graphics card.
  • No support for 4K gaming.
  • Founder Edition is way bulkier.
  • With Ray Tracing, performance goes worse.

XFX RX 5700 XT Triple Dissipation

Graphics Card XFX RX 5700 XT Triple Dissipation
Cores 2560
Core Clock 1605 MHz
Boost Clock 1905 MHz
Memory 8 GB
Memory Speed 14 GBPS
Output 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × HDMI
PSU 600W

The Nvidia RTX 2060 Super got much favor? This time we've something from AMD which you never want to miss. The RX 5700 XT is the best offering of Navi 10 architecture, featuring the AMD Navi 10 XT die. This card's core features are 2560 SMUs, 1750 MHz of the core clock, 1905 MHz boost clock, and surprisingly offers 8 GB of GDDR6 memory with 14 GBPS speed.

The performance of RX 5700 XT is somewhere identical to the RTX 2070 Super, where both of them offering the same specs but have their own pros and cons. The aftermarket RX 5700 XT comes with various implementations, and all of them offer great features. However, our beloved one is XFX RX 5700 XT Triple Dissipation, which you know is better than others in thermal and clocks.

XFX has put various things on this card, making it way better than the reference card, which offers stock clocks and low-profile thermal solutions. You will get better clocks in it and can overrun it manually to get even more performance. Aesthetically it's pretty straightforward, and you are not going to see any RGB lights or fancy stuff in it.

Though this card's color scheme is great and a black painted backplate on it, it helps in better cooling and maintaining aesthetics. The other cards in the series also support four displays having three DisplayPort and one HDMI port on the right side.

The front of XFX RX 5700 XT has three fans that spin, alternatively making a great airflow in the heatsink vents and cools down the graphics card when running high on loads. Overall, when you consider AMD graphics cards, Sapphire and XFX have some of the best cooling solutions in the market, while for Nvidia, we've seen MSI and Gigabyte leading the game.

No RTX features but one of the best alternatives to Nvidia RTX 2070 Super offers the same performance for a low price. All you will miss in the graphics card is the Real-Time Ray Tracing and DLSS, but you can save much money for other components on compromising on them.


  1. Great 1440p graphics cards.
  2. No Ray Tracing and DLSS support.
  3. RTX 2070S alternative for a low price.
  4. Budget-friendly 1440p graphics card.
  • Exceptional 1440p performance.
  • Great set of features.
  • Comes with a full-sized backplate.
  • Very budget-friendly 1440p card.
  • Lacks Ray Tracing and RTX features.
  • Aesthetically straightforward.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC

OUTPUT PORTS 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × HDMI, 1 × USB Type-C

The RTX 2070 Super is a refreshed RTX 2070 where both of the cards come at the same price, while the 2070S has a performance advantage because it’s no less than RTX 2080 at 1440p in modern titles. This card’s AMD competitor is RX 5700 Xt, which comes at half price but doesn’t offer RTX features like Real-Time Ray Tracing and DLSS. Long story short, it’s one of the best graphics cards for Ryzen 7 2700X if you are willing to play triple-A titles at 1440p resolution. Those who want to try out RTX features without spending much money on cards like RTX 2080 Ti can also consider this one.

One of the cheapest RTX 2070 Super you can get is the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce 3x OC, and as the name suggests, this card comes with a Windforce 3X cooler, which has three fans and a large-sized heatsink. This card has impressive clock rates, and as it comes factory overclocked so you can expect better performance from it in modern titles. Most of the Gigabyte cards come with a USB Type-C port, which is also available in this one, and it’s fully VR Ready so that you can play your favourite VR titles on it.

Excellent for 1440p gaming and good for those willing to try the RTX features, which are absent in AMD competitors. Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC is the best choice you can consider for a mid-range build.

EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super XC Gaming

OUTPUT PORTS 3 × DisplayPort, 1 × HDMI

We all like to play games at 4K resolution, but most of us can’t afford RTX 20080 Ti, which is super expensive these days. Though a cheaper option with some little power cut is there, RTX 2080 Super can run modern titles at 4K resolution though not sure about high frame rates. The performance difference between this card and RTX 2080 Ti is roughly 40%, but it also comes at half price, making it a compelling option. The GPU used in it is TU104, which comes with 3072 shading units, 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, and 1815 MHz of boost clock. 

As this graphics card is slightly expensive, the best aftermarket I would recommend is EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super XC Gaming, which is cheaper than others but offers solid performance. The clocks of EVGA Super XC are slightly better than the founder edition, and it gives more overclocking potential than the reference card so that you can expect much better performance. Aesthetically this card is pretty straightforward, but the RGB lights and the backplate increase its beauty, and in RGB builds, it looks good. 

RTX 2080 Super comes at the price of its predecessor but is much more powerful, making us consider this graphics card for our build. If you are looking for a graphics card for 4K or 1440p gaming, then it’s a great choice you can consider.


OUTPUT PORTS 2 × DisplayPort, 2 × HDMI, 1 × USB Type-C

Nvidia got some substantial competition from AMD with the release of their RX 5700 XT, which is the same in performance as of RTX 2070 Super, so the company launched two more flagship cards RTX 2080 Super and 2080 Ti. If you are looking for the best powerful graphics card for the money, I recommend getting the RTX 2080 Ti. The good thing about this card is that it can nearly max out most modern titles and upcoming ones, too, like Cyberpunk 2077. Simultaneously, 4K gaming and real experience of RTX features are also available on this graphics card.

You can’t make the best graphics card list without considering a choice from the ASUS Rog series as they are offering better build quality and clock than any other vendor. Though with such premium looks and quality, they are slightly more expensive than the competitors. The graphics card we’ve there on the list comes with a clock speed of 1665 MHz, which you can overclock to push its clocks for better performance. There is a large heatsink with three fans responsible for most of the cooling, while for aesthetics, this graphics card also has customizable RGB lights.

RTX 2080 Ti is a futureproof graphics card that we can consider for high-end gaming, but only if you are not considering the budget. This card is enough to max out the latest titles at 4k resolution and the upcoming one with such a high price.