Is The Nintendo Switch Worth It?

Mehak Sohail | Last Updated On February 4th, 2022

The switch is one of Nintendo’s greatest consoles, and with around 89 million sales everyone seems to have their hands on one. The switch has been out for around 4 years and still has a long lifespan ahead of it.

If you are looking to buy a switch for yourself or a friend you might be wondering if it’s worth it at this time.

The switch is definitely worth picking up and will likely get continued support within the coming years. Exclusive titles and a plethora of third-party games give there something for everyone to enjoy.

The switch is a great choice for any kind of gamer, but before pulling out your wallet it is best to know everything it has to offer.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the cheaper and more available consoles on the market at this time. The Ps5 and Xbox Series X (see also connect Xbox 360 controller to PC without receiver), are around $500 but can be as much as $1000 due to a limited supply. The Switch starting price is $299 and $199 if you are buying a switch lite. The switch lite came out in 2019 and is a hand held only console.

What Does The Switch Come With When You Buy It?

When buying the $299 base switch you should expect to get:

  • The Switch Console
  • 2 Joy-Con Controllers (Left and a right)
  • Joy-Con grip controller
  • 2 Joy-con wrists straps
  • Nintendo Switch AC adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • Nintendo Switch Dock

The switch lite starting at $199 only comes with the console and an AC adaptor. A dock can be purchased and used with the switch lite from a third-party vendor. Buying a switch is the first purchase of many, as you will have to buy other accessories and games.

Switch Bundles

When buying a switch you can also look at bundles to save money. Switch bundles usually come with one or more games and are at a discounted price compared to buying everything separately.

The switch is commonly bundled with popular exclusives like Animal Crossing and Breath of The Wild and may even have a custom design to match the game. While they are usually $100 to $200 more than the base switch, they may save you money. It may be something to think about if you like custom-themed consoles and are planning on buying certain games anyway.

What Accessories Are Available For The Switch?

To improve the gameplay and experience the switch has a variety of third-party and official accessories to pick up. While not necessary, getting some of the accessories may be worth it if you are planning on getting a switch.

Some accessories you may want to get:

  • Screen protector
  • SD card for more storage
  • Pro controller and charging dock
  • Table Stand
  • Travel and carrying case

The switch excels at having a variety of accessories compared to other consoles. The Labo kit and Ring Fit accessories are two examples of items used to improve the gameplay and provide a unique experience that only the switch can offer. Buying more controllers to play with friends or other items is something you should consider to make the most out of your gaming experience.

What Games Are Available On The Switch?

If you’re buying a switch you’re most likely doing it for the games, and the switch has a large library with titles for all gamers to enjoy. The exclusive titles on the switch are some of the best and offer titles that you won’t be able to play on other consoles.

Some games only found on the switch are:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld
  • Pokemon Sword and Sheild
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Splatoon 2
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate

These are just some of the many games only available on the switch. Classic Nintendo charters with new stories are brought to life and some are only available on this console. If you are a fan of Nintendo games then it is worth picking up the switch but there are also many other games to choose from.

The switch is one of the most family-friendly consoles and provides games that can be enjoyed by young children, their parents, or even someone who is elderly. The switch makes a great family console and is designed to have a great coop experience. It is probably the best choice if you plan on playing with young children or in groups of friends.

Third-Party Games On The Switch

The exclusives on the switch are just the start of all the great games you can find on the console. Many third-party titles have been imported and made playable on the switch. Metroid, Diablo, The Witcher 3, and The Binding of Issac are some games playable of the many, and new titles are always being added.

Nintendos’ addition and support of third-party games have made the switch a great console for casual and hardcore games. Its portability is something that other consoles lack and can be a reason why you choose the switch over others. Have you ever wanted to play Skyrim or some of your other games on the go? Now you can with some of your favorite titles.

Indie Games and The Eshop

The switch has become a console beloved by indie developers and has many indie games to choose from. Its Eshop contains many lesser-known but still interesting games along with deals for their other games. With switch online, you have access to over 80 classic titles and online multiplayer for around $20 a year.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Switch?

The switch is a great console with plenty of things to rave about but it is not free of flaws. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to decide if this console is worth it for you.

Pros of The Switch

  • FUN exclusive titles only found on the switch: The switch excels at bringing exclusive titles that make the console worth buying just for the games. Games like animal crossing and Mario kart have been enjoyed for over a decade.
  • Different and unique ways to enjoy gaming: Nintendo has always been an innovator in the gaming industry and they brought that creativity to the switch. The joy-cons have great motion control and are made for games to get you moving and playing differently.
  • Handheld mode: The switch’s handheld mode is something other consoles cannot offer. AAA titles and other games can be enjoyed from anywhere.
  • Fun games for all ages: Nintendo has games that are careful, easy to play, and fun for all ages. Other consoles can lack age-appropriate content for children but the switch excels at making games for all ages.

Cons Of The Switch

    • Joycons break easily: A set of joy-cons costs $79.99 but unfortunately, they are not as sturdy as other competitors’ controllers. They have an issue with stick drift and are prone to breaking.
    • Low battery life: When hooked up to a tv the switch can be played for however long, but in handheld mode, it only has a battery life of around 5 hours, and 3 hours for the switch lite.
  • Not a powerful console: The switch provides 720p in handheld mode and 1080 p HD when hooked up to the tv. While good it is nowhere near a pc or console like the ps5. This makes some ports not worth getting and better off playing on another console.
  • Expensive games and lack of sales: Nintendo is not known for its sales and some switch games will never see a price reduction, even after being out for years.
  • A limited number of games: The switch has tons of exclusive and third-party games but comparing it to other consoles and the endless capability of a pc it can be seen as lacking options.

Switch Or Other Console

If looking at getting a console and you are trying to decide one from the other, the switch may be your best option. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have been stuck in an ageless war fighting to see who can make the best console. The switch is the cheapest console but is far less powerful.

PCs are the most powerful option and can be customized to meet one’s budget and gaming needs. Hardcore pc gamers may not enjoy the switch as much if they are not a fan of Nintendo games. If you want to buy or build your PC instead, we have a lot of articles to help you and you might want to start with learning what to look for when buying the perfect motherboard.

It is best enjoyed by someone who is a Nintendo or an all-around gaming fan. For hardcore gamers, it may feel lackluster compared to a high-end gaming PC with only 60 fps available, but still, a fun console to play. If you like its games and don’t expect a powerful machine it the switch may be your choice.

I think the switch is worth buying and is in its best years, with a long life ahead of it. If you are a fan of Nintendo consoles and games then it is worth picking up. Its library and portability make it a good option for gaming on the go.

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