Steam Controller

The list starts with a budget-friendly controller, which comes in a little unconventional design, but it's one of the most popular controllers for Rocket League. This controller's manufacturers have creatively mixed the old and the new controllers, which are very friendly especially the buttons' layout. However, if you never used a controller before, it might take some time to get familiar with it.

We've seen that some controllers are good for FPS games while some for racing games, but this one is made for all genres, and it's highly customizable so that you can adjust it in the way you like to play. You can play games with this controller, which is originally made to play with a keyboard and mouse, but of course, they would have an advantage.

When you look at this controller for the first time, it may feel like an Xbox One controller where large trackpads replaced the analog sticks, but as said before, it's a mix of classic and new controls. There is only one stick on this controller while it has the same buttons from Xbox next to the stick and three on top.

Like most of the other controllers in the market, this one is also made up of plastic, but you can easily hold it in your hands, and I don't think so if it slips. This controller's backside has a bumper and a design which gives a great grip while holding it in hands.

Even if you are upgrading from a console, you have to get used to this controller because the analog sticks are replaced with the trackpads, and instead of two, you are only getting one stick. Though for games like Rocket League or FIFA, you will not face any problem with it. Also, the haptic feedback of these trackpads which makes it a lot easier to play with them.

When it comes to this controller's price, it gets in the budget category compared to DualShock 4 or Xbox One Elite controller, but still, it's expensive. Though with all these features and customizations you can do with this controller is worth the price.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Just like the name, this controller is tough itself as it comes with an aluminum body that is not going to crack when dropped or if you apply too much pressure on it. The back of this controller has rubber grips that you can easily hold while most of the other controllers miss that, but that doesn't stop there because there is much to discover in it.

Another plus of this controller is its buttons, as there are mechanical buttons that most controllers lack, and the good thing is you will know if the button is pressed. Mechanical buttons have an advantage as you don't have to press way down to get that key activated as they have switches (little or half click) below the keycaps instead of pressure pads.

The triggers on this controller support mapping up to six, and you can easily program them in the way you want with the Razor PC application that comes with this controller, or you can download it. Though four of them are located at the position, which seems awkward to me, you have to press them halfway down to register.

It's been a decade since this company manufactures computer peripherals and other components, so you don't have to worry about this controller's quality or durability. The company has released some of the best controllers, where the Wolverine Tournament Edition is the flagship model with such amazing features.

There is a lot of aftermarket stuff that you can put on this controller, but it will amaze you with a wide variety of collections when it comes to the thumb grips. This controller's price is not budget-friendly, but still, it's good for the features that this controller offers and the sturdy material it's made of.

This controller is best for Rocket League and other games; it has vibrating motors, and amazing you can connect it with both PC and Xbox One. Also, it's compatible with next-generation consoles you can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Nacon PS4 Revolution Unlimited Pro

When it comes to PC controllers, we mostly see things that contain the elements of both DS4 and Xbox Elite controllers, and that's the same case with this one. The Nacon PS4 Revolution Unlimited Pro is there, which in my opinion the best controller for PC when you are switching from a console because of its similar buttons layout, and yes, you will found it best for playing Rocket League.

This controller's design is quite similar to the Xbox One controller, but the buttons and the touchpad are taken from the DS4. If you ever used PS4 or Xbox One, you will easily get used to this controller, while some users need little practice with it. The buttons of this controller have traditional DS4 buttons symbols, and they work the same as them, making it easy for PS4 users to use them in games.

There is a touchpad on the top of this controller, two sticks from which one is one top left while the other is one bottom right. There is a share button, connect, and options button, which makes it easy to get to stream or options in the game. Overall, this controller's buttons and stick layout are good, making it easy to play games and get used to it.

We've reviewed a couple of controllers before, and most of them are good, but no one is offering great support. Though with this one, the scene is slightly different as it's giving high build quality, a great number of features, and easy to use layout. This controller's grip has rubber, which makes it easy to hold and not to slip in hands.

Users report that controllers feel very light in their hands, which doesn't give a good grip, but in this one, you can add weight under the grips, which makes it feel more when holding in your hands. Also, this doesn't stop there because you can change the shaft to make the controller heavier. Comparing it with the PS4 controller, you will not see any light bar or speaker in it, but fortunately, it has a 3.5mm jack.

You can save profiles on this controller where you can set keys to perform specific actions in games, and if you are playing some other game, you can easily switch between these profiles. Long story short, this controller has everything you need, and it will improve your gaming experience.