8 Best Controllers for Rocket League in 2023

Atif Liaqat | Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023

It has been six years since the release of the Rocket League, but the game is still going nuts. Rocket League is one of the most unique multiplayer games ever designed, and that is what makes it so special. The gameplay of the game is highly entertaining, and people have a lot of passion for it. Now, to maximize the performance in the game, players use high-end controllers, which favorably affect the outcomes.

Most people would have seen the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch controllers but other than these, there are tons of 3rd party controllers in the market that can prove to be a vital component in this game. The modern controllers are much pricier than the old-generation controllers and provide precise controls and buttons along with various latest features that you would not find in older controllers.

In this article, we will look at some of the best controllers for Rocket League.

Quick Controller Recommendations for Rocket League in 2023

Award Model Price
Best Budget Friendly Controller for Rocket League Steam Controller Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Wired Controller for Rocket League Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Featured Enriched Controller for Rocket League Nacon PS4 Revolution Unlimited Pro Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best PS4 Controller for Rocket League DualShock 4 Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Overall Controller for Rocket League Razer Raiju Ultimate Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Premium Controller for Rocket League Xbox Elite Series 2 Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Xbox One Like Controller for Rocket League Scuf Vantage 2 Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Nintendo Controller for Rocket League Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Check Price Read Customer Reviews

Quick Buying Tips!

There is a lot of versatility in the controllers these days, and shopping for a controller gets intensive. That is why we have written a buying guide for those looking to purchase a good-quality controller to play Rocket League.

Ergonomics: The first and foremost thing you should look at in a controller is its design and placement of buttons and sticks. If a controller does not feel good in your hands, it is not worth buying. The location of the sticks plays a vital role as well, and there are two standard configurations of the sticks. One is the PlayStation configuration, where the sticks are placed right next to the grips, while in the Xbox (see also how to connect Xbox 360 controller to PC without receiver) configuration, the right stick is next to the grip while the left stick is located at the top left area.

I/O connectivity: The I/O features of controllers are pretty interesting these days. Some modern controllers come with wireless connectivity, provide audio output ports, and much more. Most controllers come with vibration these days, but the force feedback of some controllers is way better than the others. The price of such controllers is usually more than an average controller as well.

Battery and Range: If you plan to go the wireless route, the battery and range of a controller hold great importance. The range of most controllers is more than what an average user needs, but it does not hurt getting a controller that provides a higher range. Similarly, the batteries of some controllers are more powerful than others, which affects the force feedback of the controllers, too, as low battery operations cannot sustain enough power to create strong vibrations.

8 Best Controllers for Rocket League in 2023 Reviews

Steam Controller looks a little weird when you look at it for the first time due to the unconventional design, but you will start liking it when you know what it can do. It’s slightly expensive compared to other controllers, but it still looks cheap when you compare its price with Play Station or Xbox controller. The reason why I picked this controller for Rocket League is the level of customization it supports, and it’s much straightforward to do it. Once everything is done, it will automate some functions in Rocket League. When we glance at this controller, it looks much like the Xbox One controller but slightly modified.

The two thumbsticks are replaced by large-sized trackpads, which offer excellent sensitivity and support haptic feedback, which will do most of the guesswork out of this controller. A single analog stick on the bottom is flanked by four small-sized face buttons, the same as the Xbox One controller, but the good thing is all these keys and touchpads can be customized in the way you want. The rear side of this controller has triggers and paddles with a few bumpers, and the great thing about them is they also support full customizations.

The body of this controller is made up of plastic, but that’s not disappointing, at least for me because most of the controllers included the well-known ones like DualShock 4 and Xbox One Elite controller, are also made up of plastic, and they all are durable. The main thing that differs between all of these controllers is the usage as the company replaced the two thumbsticks with touchpads, and it sounds hard to use, but once you get familiar with it, you will found it too easy. This controller is an excellent alternative to the DualShock4, but with that customizations, it’s way better for Steam games as it offers more functionalities with Steam.

The price of this controller is affordable, but it’s not recommended for budget builds as it’s still a little more expensive, and you can even get two or three budget-friendly controllers for its price. Still, for its features and customizations, it’s the best controller for Rocket League.

Check this article for free steam keys and if you want to know what will happen if you uninstall steam, we also have an article for that.

This remote controller is another of the top-rated controllers for Rocket League that is truly reflected by its features. Its specifications are super impressive that no gamer can avoid buying it to have the most exclusive time of all.

Winning a game is always satisfying; however, when it becomes possible mainly because of the specifications of the gaming toll, nothing can match that satisfaction level. To let you have the experience of such fun and enjoyment, this controller is enough as it comes with super impressive features in all.

First of all, it is featured with a high-quality Rapid-Fire Switch that eventually activates the Hair Trigger mode powerful enough to reduce the travel distance. This reduced travel distance ultimately provides you with a more significant competitive edge over your opponents.

Then, it comes preset with four remappable multi-function buttons; 2 multi-function triggers and 2 multi-function bumpers. These remappable buttons allow you to have better control over each of your move, and thus you make your way towards the win-point even more straightforward.

The impressive thing about this controller is that it gets easily synced with popular games, Philips Hue, gear from 30+ partners, and Razer hardware. This compatibility makes the controller extraordinarily customizable, and this you can only do through the Razer Synapse that is exclusively introduced for Xbox.

The next option for a great Rocket League controller is this one by Nacon that comes with wireless and wired connections. It depends upon your preference whether you want to use the wired connections for your gaming or wireless: both provide you superior performance every time.

The great thing about both these wired and wireless connections is that both come with audio and chat support. You can easily chat and talk with your friends during the game and, this makes your gaming even more enjoyable and fun.

Moreover, it comes with customizable dual sticks that come up with 30/38/40 amplitude, and you can choose from among these whichever suits you best. It is added specially for your convenience so that you might play the game with greater ease and confidence.

Next, it also has interchangeable stick heads that you can replace with the new ones when you feel them not helpful or responsive enough. This provides you with an edge in saving the money that you will have to spend in buying the new controller when its touchpads get insensitive.

Additionally, it has intelligent LED indicators highly responsive and powerful to let you know when your controller is out of charge and needs charging. This indicator is a fantastic addition to the structure that you most commonly do not find in any other similar controller that you buy at this price.

So, when you get an amazingly performing controller with stunning features and comes at affordable rates, you would not want to ignore having it for use. This is a long-lasting and exceptionally performing controller that comes to make your day even more enjoyable and fun.

The first suggestion from our side for the controller to pair with your PlayStation 4 is this premium-quality wireless DualShock 4. It not only has a bunch of powerful features but also comes with the most attractive design that greatly complements your PlayStation 4 in every sense. When you get this controller to play your favorite game, you will feel like having the most control over the movements as it has the smoothest touch of all.

Talking about the style it comes with, it has the most attractive and impressive design that makes the head turn around. It comes with a softer feel and simple shape that is great to have while already having a lighter mood when playing your favorite game. It has trigger buttons and analog sticks that are organized with great care. Their arrangement gives the player get a better sense of control for whatever moves you perform during the game.

Next, we have its features: the quality of its joysticks, buttons and controls, and the durability that it comes with. It comes with the most advanced yet powerful features to attract many customers and prompt them to give it a must purchase.

The new clickable and multi touchpad has something fascinating: it is smoother and has a touch like no other pad on the controller can ever have. It is so easy to handle and use that even the beginner gets a pro-feel when using it.

The additional feature is that it comes with a great-quality built-in speaker and a durable stereo headset jack that makes you get a studio-grade sound for the game. With the best-quality sound for your game, you will be able to enjoy it even more and surely remember the moments for an extended period.

We have another popular controller specially introduced to help you play the Rocket League game even more enjoyably. Like every other best-quality controller, it also comes with multiple features that help make your gameplay memorable.

The best thing about this controller is that it comes with the latest firmware 1.05 update to provide you with optimal performance. With optimal performance, you get to enjoy the playtime even more fun and enjoyable and want to spend even more time playing your favorite game.

Then, it also has an amazingly soft-cushioned touch and Razer mecha-tactile action buttons that enable you to have better control over each move you showcase when playing the game. It helps you control the switches and prevents you from adding extra force to move the sticks or press the button: you will have it comfortably.

Another most impressive thing about this controller is that it comes with an option for advanced customization. For this purpose, it comes with interchangeable thumbsticks, quick control, and the D-pad settings to get the customized settings for even better use. It also comes accompanied by an enhanced App configuration that helps you fine-tune the control options easily.

This controller comes in 106mm x 155mm x 66 mm L X W X H dimensions that make it easy to handle and use. It gets quickly fit into your hand area and help you feel extreme comfort while using it, even for a more extended period.

Additionally, it also comes with a hair-trigger mode and multi-function buttons that provide you with a tremendous competitive edge over your opponents. It is one of the most notable features that any controller could have as it decides to win or lose the game.

Lastly, there is one thing you have to keep in mind while buying it to play the game that it is compatible with PS4 or Pc that comes with Windows 7 or above, Android 6 or higher, and with the Mobile app for iOS 9.0 only. So, if you have any other device to support your game, this controller might not work with it as it should be.

Next, we have this controller by Microsoft that has everything that a high-end controller should have. Among all the new Xbox Elite series controllers, this is probably the one that allows you to play like a pro and win every Rocket League game that you play.

It is featured with the new paddle shapes and interchangeable thumbsticks that enable you to control better each move you take. Having better control over the movements is the key to winning the game with better scores.

Moreover, it has an additional Accessories app that helps you customize the controller’s settings just the way you want them. It allows you to control the exclusive configuration options and also experience limitless customization options.

This controller’s thing that comes with and lacks in many other controllers is the long battery life. It allows you to have as much as up to 40 hours of playtime, and thus you can enjoy and stay in-game up to that limit. The batter gets charges in lesser time and allows you have fun for a more extended period.

To take the most out of this controller, you can use Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless, or even the included USB to play across your Windows 10 devices and Xbox 1 also. This is probably one of the most fantastic controllers that you can use to enjoy your Rocket League game even better and get more chances to win each time.

If you are still not satisfied with the options we have placed in front of you up till now, then have a look at this high-performing customizable controller. It comes with an easy to customize feature and lets you have the settings for its control as per your preferences.

This controller is exclusively made to provide you with high-performance for the Rocket League game that is meant for the purpose. If the performance of your controller would not be best, you will not find any joy playing the game. Also, the chances of you losing the game are even more apparent. So, this is the best thing a controller can provide to the user.

With its easy-to-customize feature, you can easily unlock its more control options that will help you get better at your game. Every user has its preferences, so this controller is made in that regard. It respects everyone’s choice and allows everyone to have better control with its control-unlocking feature.

Additionally, this controller has everything you will desire to have in your controller to be used for playing and winning the game. It comes with a magnetic faceplate and interchangeable parts.

The usefulness of these interchangeable parts is that whenever you feel any part getting out of control or no use anymore, you can easily change it without replacing the whole controller. It keeps you from spending a lot of money once again and keeps you at the ease of using the controller. The best thing is that the controller accompanies these parts, so you get a comprehensive option for the details you like to avoid using.

Last on our list is this stunning remote controller with unique features, including performance and longevity. All of its components are perfectly amazing to let you enjoy your game even more and at an advanced level.

This Nintendo Switch Controller is made exclusively to take your gaming session to another level of enjoyment and fun. With this controller, you can simply have the best gaming session of all times.

Also, you get this controller at an attractive price. It doesn’t demand you extra money but lets you enjoy the best performance at the price you will like to spend on getting it. The price that it offers you to pay on it is nothing when it comes to talking about the effectiveness of its performance.

The fantastic thing about this controller is that it comes with a charging cable that charges the controller even better than any standard cable. It also lets the battery let you enjoy better game time for long extended hours.

This controller is a fantastic choice for those who want to have exclusive performance in their game. It lets them have not only a better understanding but also a memorable time playing it.

The most impressive thing is that it comes with easy to control pads and buttons, which lets you have easy control over each move you play during the game.


Best Budget Friendly Controller for Rocket League
Best Wired Controller for Rocket League
Best Featured Enriched Controller for Rocket League

Rocket League is getting popular day by day, and a great way to perform optimally is to get a suitable controller. Most people either use a PlayStation DualShock 4 controller or the Xbox wireless controller, but we have shown above some of the most amazing controllers capable of turning the tides of the game.

Razer has designed some of the most exquisite gaming controllers in the market, and its Razer Wolverine and Razer Raiju controllers are alternatives to Xbox wireless and DualShock 4 controllers. If you are looking for a cheap controller, the Steam controller holds excellent value, and its unique button placement attracts many users. For those looking for a durable controller, Xbox Elite Series 2 will be the best controller for them, as it has the best build quality among all the controllers listed above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best controller for Rocket League?

The Xbox Wireless controller and PlayStation Dualshock 4 are the most popular controllers used for Rocket League, but when it comes to the best controller for this game, it really comes down to preference. Some 3rd party controllers like Razer Wolverine V2, Razer Raiju Ultimate, and Steam Controller are also considered the best controllers for this game.

Is a wired controller better than a wireless controller when it comes to responsiveness?

Wired controllers indeed used to be faster than wireless controllers due to faster response times, but the advancements in wireless technologies have mitigated this difference, and now, modern wireless controllers are as good as wired controllers when it comes to responsiveness.

What is the most durable gaming controller?

Even though 3rd party controllers are getting popular day by day, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is among the most durable controllers you can buy. It should last many years, even if you are an aggressive user, and you will find the build quality much better than other controllers.

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