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Atif Liaqat | Last Updated On February 2nd, 2022

Bottlenecking is not a new concept in the market; it has remained with the PCs since the time they were started being manufactured. This issue is related to some low processing capability/per time unit in the system. The basics of this issue are quite simple to understand; however, many people find it extremely difficult to handle as they are not aware of it. In this article, we are going to provide you an extensive detail about what bottlenecking is, why it happens, and what are the best bottleneck calculator that you can use to calculate it in your systems.

If you are a person who is well aware of what bottlenecking is, then you can directly to the end section of the article, where you will get to know which bottleneck calculators are best and which one you can buy to get the precise calculation. However, if you are the person who has no idea what bottlenecking is and why does it happen, then we suggest you go through this article at a slow pace so that you might be able to read all the important details. These details will definitely help you in getting the concept right and will help you to get a solution for the problem also.

What is Bottlenecking?

Bottlenecking commonly refers to a concept that your tasks are providing 100sr of input at a time into the component of your PC while the component has the capability of processing only ten at a time. It occurs in the computers when they are running too slow, is outdated, or even when they are incompatible with other parts.

However, bottlenecking is not every time caused by the age of components or the quality, but also because of their performance. It occurs when one component is not supporting or limits the other component’s potential to process data mainly due to the differences in the maximum capabilities of two. Nevertheless, when this occurs, it causes the data packs to get slowed down extremely, stuck in traffic, and even let them lost sometimes.

Is Bottlenecking good for PCs?

Bottlenecking is a quite natural and commonly occurring phenomenon that occurs in every PC at any instant of time unless the user has turned on the frame rate-limiting or VSync. However, it doesn’t damage your computer the way you might be imagining. Instead, this bottlenecking makes your PC slow down, and that might irritate you while you are busy doing some important tasks or even when playing your favorite game.

To avoid this issue, modern computers have been made with throttling controls and thermal sensors that keep a check on bottlenecking and process accordingly to keep the PC working well and never to slow down while you are using it.

How to Calculate Bottlenecking?

Most PC enthusiasts are busy most of the time checking for the bottlenecking of the system before they start to install the hardware, and they do it sometimes even after they have installed the hardware. But the question comes in: How they do it and what is the precise process of doing it? Well! This is where the Bottleneck Calculators come in. These bottleneck calculators let you install the CPU and GPU in them and compare the performance as the performance gap is one of the most common reasons why this bottlenecking occurs.

You might find this process a bit difficult, but don’t worry: there is a simple alternative to all this hassle and will help you to avoid any such trouble of physically adding the component to the system. Wondering what that way is? Let us tell you, and it is using the bottleneck calculators that are exclusively designed for this purpose.

Bottleneck calculator is an amazing tool that helps you in knowing the difference in the performance of your GPU and CPU, and also the component that is affecting the performance of your system by introducing the bottlenecking to it. They don’t ask you to physically add the components into it and help you know the detail with greater convenience.

If you have these bottleneck calculators, then there is the slightest chance that you miss the reasons why there is bottlenecking in your system. These bottleneck calculators are not 100% accurate in their readings, but these are precise enough to help you know if there are any major performance conflicts between the components before you ever finalize your purchase for the components for your system.

Bottleneck calculators are an important and helpful tool to buy as it assists you in making the best-ever custom PC that will provide you with smoother, powerful, and efficient performance in all times. These eliminate your confusion for the trouble-causing component and help you hit the problem precisely and solve it accordingly.

Best Bottleneck Calculator in 2021

Even though using bottleneck calculators is the easiest way of figuring out where your system’s components are lagging in performance but getting the best bottleneck calculators is the real task. There are many bottleneck calculators that you can use to calculate bottlenecking of your PC parts simply and most conveniently, but the ones we have mentioned in our list are top-rated.

These bottleneck calculators mentioned in our list below help you greatly in calculating the bottleneck percentage and also tells you the component that is affecting the performance of your system. If you want to build your own customized PC, buying these bottleneck calculators can really help you in completing the task professionally without facing any trouble in the near future. The best thing about these bottleneck calculators is that they work for both types of build: whether you are building a gaming PC or a workstation.

Following are the two most famous and best-selling bottleneck calculators that we suggest you have a closer look at so that you might figure out which bottleneck calculator suits best your PC building needs. We are confident that you will definitely find out the best bottleneck calculator complementary to your need. So, let’s get started!

PC-Build’s Calculator

Builds is an advanced web portal that is designed exclusively for all PC enthusiasts that are highly conscious about building their own customized PC. This web portal also resolves all their doubts in regards to their creation of some advanced computer configurations.

If you are one of those enthusiasts, you are definitely going to like this web portal as it provides you with an option of using advanced bottleneck calculators. These calculators help you calculate the performance difference of your PC’s parts and help you decide better for their purchase, especially when you are building your own customized PC.

The best thing about these bottleneck calculators from PC-Builds is that they are extremely easy to use and have a user-friendly interface. It offers you an extremely simple method for calculating the bottleneck for your PC’s components, and hence you can easily check their bottleneck percentage. Also, it helps you to know precisely which component of your system has the most effect on the performance of your build. After checking the bottleneck percentage, and the component affecting the performance, it becomes extremely easy for you to make a better decision in terms of purchase for the components.

So, how can you actually calculate the bottleneck percentage of your PC’s components? Following is the simplest method that we suggest you go for in order to have a convenient go through the process while using the PC-Build’s bottleneck calculators.

  1. Select the components of the system that you are using and want to find the results – for example, CPU, GPU, and RAM along with storage.
  2. Press “Calculate.”

So, just by following the above-mentioned simple 2-step process, you will be able to see the calculation results on the next screen along with some major contributors in the bottleneck percentage. Also, you will get all the information on which component can lower the performance of your system and improve it respectively.

CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator

The second powerful Calculator on our list is by CPU Agent that comes with some improved features but comes second on our list mainly because of the bugs their website introduces: sometimes the Calculator doesn’t work properly, and you will have to recalculate the percentage for the bottlenecking once again.

The process of calculating the bottlenecking percentage is also very simple: it doesn’t require you any additional efforts but a simple click. The process for calculating the bottleneck percentage in your system is as follows:

  1. Select the component of the system that you are planning to build and install in your system.
  2. Press “Submit” to let the details be analyzed by the place by the Calculator.
  3. You will be redirected to the next page, where you will see the option of “Reveal Results.”
  4. Press the button to get the final results that the bottleneck calculator has calculated for you.

This is the final result for the bottlenecking percentage of the component that you are desirous of setting up in your system. If you feel the percentage is too high, then leaving the item and moving to select the next one is a great idea. However, if you feel that the final calculated result for the percentage is not too high and adding the component will not affect the performance of your system, then buy it and enjoy your PC usage.

This CPU Agent Calculator is one of the best calculators worldwide and provides you with precise results. The only thing lacking in this Calculator is that it is a bit slow, and the results take some time to show up. The reason for this is that this Calculator comes with an advanced feature like suggesting the place for buying the product that is apparently contributing to the bottlenecking percentage in your system, and this causes the site to get slow in response.

Note: There are some other bottleneck calculators also that ask you to send in some money to get the percentage results. The intelligent thing for you is to avoid using any such calculators.

Final Verdict of Best Bottleneck Calculators

These are the two most reliable websites that provide you with the best bottleneck calculators to help you figure out which components are best to buy and which are not. Seeking help from these websites can be your best decision as it prevents you from the hassle of using the conventional bottleneck calculators that ask you to physically install the components to check the percentage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bottlenecking something to worry about?

Bottlenecking is a common phenomenon that can occur in your system at any instant of time. It is not a dangerous phenomenon that should always keep you worried about your PC, but the only thing it does to your PC is making it slowed down and not supporting your most tasks, including gaming. However, bottlenecking becomes a worrisome thing only if your PC gets slowed down often, so much so that you are unable to use your PC for any purpose.

Are Bottleneck calculators accurate?

There are different types of bottleneck calculators: physical and online. In the first one, you have to put your component physically to check the bottlenecking percentage, and the later ones ask you to submit the components online and get the results. Both bottleneck calculators are near to precise in providing the results for bottlenecking of your PC’s components.

How much should you spend on buying a bottleneck calculator?

Some of the online bottleneck calculators are free to use and provide you with the best and precise calculated results for the bottleneck percentage. There are also others who ask you to pay for the process; however, these might not be trusted.

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