Best PSU Brands

Atif Liaqat | Last Updated On July 26th, 2022

Power supplies can be the game-changer regarding the performance of your PC. A good quality power supply not only upgrades your system in its performance but also increases its reliability. You will also be confident that your PC will not suddenly shut down or have problems with its power supply, which most gaming systems are preferred for. It saves your PC’s internal parts in case anything goes wrong with its functionality.

So, you must be extremely careful while buying the power supply for your system. For this purpose, the best thing is that you must know the best PSU brands beforehand, so you do not go wrong with your choice. It is also important to take note that the CPU and GPU combination is another factor that should be considered if you want to improve the performance of your PC.

We have come up with this guide containing the five best PSU brands that help you keep your PC extremely functional at any instant of time. You obviously wouldn’t want to risk your PC’s expensive parts so, going with our guide to making the most important decision of your PC’s life might be exclusively helpful.

Our Recommendations for Best PSU Brands

Depending upon the individual concerns of each one of you regarding the features preference of your power supply, we have included in our list all the brands that meet one after the other almost all your requirements. Let’s not waste time anymore and get ahead straight to our handy list of PSU brands to consider in 2021.

Corsair- The Best Overall

Combining all its services and quality of products, Corsair is known as one of the world’s most trusted PSU brands. If you want your PC to support all your system usage needs without making you face any slightest trouble, then going for this brand is probably one of the great choices you can ever make in life.

The great thing about this brand that every PC user admires is that among hundreds and thousands of PSU brands, Corsair quality and Engineering ranks in the topmost positions. There is no doubt in its ability to serve better and most efficient to all your PC’s needs. This position for quality and engineering has been earned after almost 20 years of hard work in the field, and now the corsair team is best for building exact terms.

With its providing priority to Reliability, upgraded performance, and smart tech for your system, this brand has become famous among every PC user worldwide. This brand has never failed its tests for giving the optimal consistency and premium upgrades for all the buyers who trust it.

Another amazing thing about this brand is that it produces quality products and introduces them at extremely affordable rates that anyone can buy most conveniently. No one will intentionally ignore going for this brand while knowing to get the high-end features in its PSUs and that too at perfectly convenient rates.

Along with introducing high-performing power supplies, this brand also adds a touch of unique, attractive, and yet premium designs, which everyone likes a lot in real-time.

Moreover, if you want your PC to work at undetectable low noise, then this brand is a must-go. You can add its power supplies to your basic computer systems and make it work at low noise for modular wiring. Besides, the brand is popular in providing unique and clever fan design and 80 plus bronze certified efficiency to ease your daily system usage.

Additionally, the brand allows its users to upgrade the PCs to provide optimal performance conveniently. Also, if you want to have a pain-less PC setup and the easiest and straightforward cleaning process, this brand has the solution: it comes with building the best serving and tested products of all times.

Best power supplies to buy from Corsair.

There is the widest range of power supplies that this brand offers you with. You can choose any power supply from the list mentioned below and be extremely worry-free as each one of these comes featured-packed and is known for providing the best-ever performance. Here are some of the power supplies by Corsair:

Corsair CX Series Power Supply

  • 80 plus bronze certified.
  • Thermally controlled fans.
  • 5-year warranty.

Corsair RM750 Power Supply

  • Low-noise operation.
  • Zero RPM fan mode.
  • Solid electrical performance.

Corsair RM Series RM850 Power Supply

  • 80 plus gold certified
  • Lower noise operation
  • Industrial-grade capacitors

EVGA- Most Affordable and Budget Brand

The next brand that is considered best for its quality power supplies and its unbeatable budget values is this EVGA PSU brand. Compared with other famous brands, this brand introduces high-grade power supplies that come supporting up to 52A on a single +12V rail. This is undoubtedly extraordinary power that is needed for any PC to work most efficiently.

This brand never fails to provide you a great benefit for your system by providing the best power supplies with ultra-fan design. This design encloses some great features that are needed necessarily to upgrade your system’s performance.

This brand has earned a lot of admiration from its users because it has focused a lot on the market facts, the attitude of originality, and the quality of operation. Not only this, but EVGA ensures a simple solution to all the customer’s needs and requirements. This greatly increases the number of satisfied customers every time a new purchase is made from the place.

The authenticity of the brand is most obviously displayed by its careful focus on the buyer’s need compared to the market profit that most other brands are focused on and lose their trust in the public. Besides providing you featured-packed power supplies, the brand makes your purchase extremely easy by providing you the PSUs at highly reasonable rates.

The power supplies introduced by this brand come with a capability of supporting 650W plus more power and thus make the brand shine on the top of every brand in terms of building improved PC components.

Best power supplies to buy from EVGA.

EBGA is a brand that offers you an extensive list of the most powerful power supplies that you can install in your systems to improve their performances readily. Following are some best power supplies that you can consider buying from this brand.

EVGA ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply

  • 500W power.
  • Heavy-duty protection.
  • 3-year warranty.

EVGA 600 BR Power Supply

  • Heavy-duty protection.
  • 80 plus bronze certified.
  • Extremely reliable.

EVGA 750 N1 Power Supply

  • 2-year warranty.
  • Intelligent auto fan.
  • Ultra-quiet performance.

Cooler Master- A Brand known for Reliability

Another most popular PSU brand is Cooler Master, which guarantees quality performing power supplies you will love to have for your PC. This brand is known worldwide as synonymous with powerful functionality and artistic presentation.

The brand’s power supplies come up with stunning features and are categorized among the most unique and innovative products around the globe. Cooler Master has focused mainly on providing the gamers with ultimate satisfaction with their PC’s performance in supporting all the heavy-duty games for their ultimate fun and enjoyment.

For those buyers who prefer a smoother running system with quieter performance and reliable operation, the brand meets their demand most amazingly. It comes forward in competition with the other brands through its MWE 80+ bronze power supply. It is an exclusively reliable brand in providing the most stable operation.

Moreover, the features that make the brand leading and top-rated in providing better features, upgraded performance, and reliable build in its products, especially the power supplies, provide its users the power options features. These features enable the user to enjoy better performance for an extended period along with impressive service.

On top of it, the brand ensures to manufacture its PSUs with Silencio fan blades. These blades are important in making the supplies exclusively powerful enough to make your desktop run with reduced noise and lesser uproar, along with keeping the conserved LDB bearings.

This is probably one of those features that make these power supplies include the 5 Best and top-rated PSUs on our list. With these features, these power supplies get the power to boost your system’s performance. Not only this, but the feature helps it to get into the eyes of many PC users who prefer to buy such power supplies over other ordinary ones.

Lastly, it designs its products, mainly the power supplies well-equipped with DC-DC circuit that makes them supply enough power to your system without facing any trouble in the way.

So, if you want long-term joy with your gaming time and want to live the moments with greater convenience and increased satisfaction, buying a power supply from this brand and installing it in the system can help you get that most easily.

Best Power Supplies to buy from Cooler Master

Like any other popular brand, Cooler Master also has great quality performing power supplies that can take your system to another level of performance. Here are some of its productions:

Cooler Master Semi-fanless Power Supply

  • DC-to-DC circuit design.
  • Temperature controlled 120-millimeter fan.
  • Thicker 16AWG PCIe cables.

Cooler Master MWE Gold 650 V2 Full Modular Power Supply

  • 5-year warranty.
  • Highly efficient performance.
  • Hydro-dynamic fan.

Cooler Master V650 SFX Gold Full Modular Power Supply

  • SFX Form Factor.
  • Full-Modular Cabling.
  • SFX-to-ATX Bracket.

Antec- Excellently Reliable with Budget Factors

No one can leave Antec out of the zone when it comes to feeling a need to buy the most reliable power supply added with budget factors. The brand is well-experienced and is widely famous for manufacturing and introducing the most genuine power supplies powerful enough to drive enough power into your system.

Not only does this brand take care of providing quality performing power supplies to its customers, but it is also authentic in maintaining the class and eminence in the design of the products. Users worldwide greatly admire both the quality and outlook of the PSU they ever buy from this brand.

The power supplies by Antec are known for their solid construction, which adds to their durability and long life. When talking about strength and durability, Antec power supplies are truly unmatched. It fulfills its promise to aid you with robust and effective power supplies that you have needed all your life to make your system even good at performance.

Adding to it, Antec takes great care of ease of use even for its beginner users: it’s power supplies are user-friendly, efficient, and reliable. Thus, it meets all users’ requirements, including entry-level beginner users to professional power users.

Moreover, Antec knows how to keep all the other brands behind in terms of providing high-level performance. Thus, it is proudly included in the list of highly demanding manufacturers who know what suits their customers best and what satisfies them the most. The things highly appreciated in its productions are DIY markets, accessories of PC upgrades, and the gaming markets, as they come up with optimal performance and unmatched quality worldwide.

Ending here, this brand comes included among the counting of those highly talked-about brands since the year 1986. the most obvious reason for this is that it has worked hard to maintain its position in the global manufacturing market. When you get to know what great features it introduces in its power supplies, you become free of any questions regarding the built quality, warranty features, and efficiency features of the PSUs that you buy from here.

Best Power Supplies to buy from Antec

Following are some best power supplies you can consider buying from Antec if you want to get exceptional performance from your PC.

Antec HCG650 Gold Power Supply

  • 650W power
  • Great Reliability
  • Phasewave design

Antec NeoECO Gold Zen Series Power Supply

  •  500W continuous power
  • 120mm silent fan
  • 92% efficient performance

Antec EarthWatts EA-380D Power Supply

  •  Efficient cooling.
  • 3-years warranty.
  • 380W maximum power.

The last most authentic brand for PSU that you can consider handing over your system is Thermaltake. It focuses greatly on today’s generation and thus introduces some most advanced features in its power supplies that satisfy the current generation’s PC usage needs.

Firstly, the brand comes up with the smartest series of power supplies rated from 430W to 700W. This is undoubtedly a great power range that provides your system to run smoothly for all your high-end operations. Besides efficient power, most power supply models are well-equipped to save almost 86% of energy with greater efficiency.

Then, its power supplies come included with great power cooling fans that ensure to bring the first-rate airflow through the system and without making any gibberish noise. This means you can work on your system whatever you want, and no matter how long you take, it will not at all disturb you with its noise and will not intrude into the quiet and peaceful environment around.

Next, the brand takes great care to manufacture the products that meet up to all the users’ challenging necessities at any instant of their PC usage. The greater the number of satisfied customers, the better the brand’s ranking in the manufacturing world around the globe.

Additionally, the brand has developed very good relations and a strong bond with its customers. To strengthen it further, it makes sure to listen and solve all their product-related queries and issues. This keeps every customer always at ease with their purchase from the brand and makes them trust it even more strongly.

Finally, the best thing about this PSU brand is that it introduces its power supplies at extremely affordable rates: budget-friendly and has gained a performance certification for greater satisfaction.

Keeping these things in mind, if you want to get optimal solutions for your PC to make it run smoother and even faster even when the temperature is high, getting a power supply from this brand is never a regrettable option.

Best Power Supplies to buy from Thermaltake

Here are some of the best power supplies that we suggest you consider buying for the system to get the most out of it.

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 Power Supply

  • Zero-cable platform.
  • Ultra-quiet 140mm Hydraulic Bearing fan.
  • 90% efficient performance.

Thermaltake Smart Active PFC Power Supply

  • 500W maximum output.
  • High-quality components.
  • 5-year warranty.

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB Power Supply

140mm Hydraulic Bearing fan.

  • Ultra-quiet zero fans.
  • One button RGB control.

Wrapping Up

All of the above-mentioned best PSU brands are worth trying at least once in life. They come up with introducing the premium-performing power supplies that can install in your PCs to get the most efficient performance of all times. So, when you think of buying power supplies from any one of these brands listed above, be very clear in your mind that you will get exceptional performance every time. We also have some recommendations here for the best PSU for NVIDIA RTX 3080.

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