Best FM2+ CPU in 2023

Atif Liaqat | Last Updated On January 3rd, 2023

Your computer’s processor functions as the brain of your setup, so you need a CPU that won’t bottleneck as you’re performing high-capacity tasks such as gaming.

However, you can’t purchase just any CPU in the market. Each motherboard and CPU have different socket types that are compatible with specific devices.

The best FM2+ CPU is the AMD A10-7890K. This CPU comes with an integrated AMD Radeon R7 graphics chip and is equipped with Wraith cooling. This is the perfect solution for budget PC builders who want a 2-in-1 CPU without the need for a discrete graphics card in their computer build. 

However, the AMD Athlon X4 880K is the best FM2+ CPU for users who want to add their own dedicated graphics card. The Athlon X4 880K isn’t equipped with an integrated GPU and works as a standalone CPU.

Either way, I’ll discuss the top 5 FM2+ CPUs you can buy today.

Quick FM2+ CPU Recommendations

Award Model Price
The Ultimate FM2+ CPU AMD A10-7890K Check Price Read Customer Reviews
The Competitive Stand-Alone CPU AMD Athlon X4 880K Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Best Price-to-Performance FM2+ CPU AMD A10-7870K Check Price Read Customer Reviews
Great Value For Functionality FM2+ CPU AMD Athlon X4 870K Check Price Read Customer Reviews
The Original High-Level APU FM2+ CPU AMD A10-7850K Check Price Read Customer Reviews

What is an FM2+ CPU?

A CPU equipped with an FM2+ socket is known as an FM2+ CPU. FM2+ is a socket that’s assigned to AMD desktop Kaveri APUs and Godavari APUs.

APUs, standing for accelerated processing units, are unique because some models come with both a CPU and an integrated GPU. This means you don’t need a dedicated graphics card if your APU already has one equipped.

So, using an FM2+ CPU with GPU integration only makes sense if you’re not planning on getting a dedicated graphics card in the future. However, AMD APUs offer dual graphics card compatibility, and there are APU options that don’t come with integrated graphics as well.

Unfortunately, FM2+ CPUs are incompatible with FM2 socket motherboards because the new FM2+ generation has two additional pin sockets.

It’s important to note that FM2+ CPUs are part of AMD’s low-end models while AM3+ socket CPUs are part of AMD’s high-end models.

So, FM2+ CPUs are perfect for users looking for more affordable options when it comes to building their computers.

However, FM2+ is slightly outdated, and there are many better options available in the market today. Nonetheless, you already have an FM2+ motherboard and want to make the most out of it.

So, I’ll discuss the five best FM2+ CPUs you can get your hands on today.

What Do the Best FM2+ CPUs Offer?

Adequate GPU for Integrated APU Units

If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 CPU, you’ll need an APU that has a great integrated GPU. Although AMD FM2+ APUs aren’t equipped with the modern high-level GPUs seen today, they usually offer a Radeon R7, which is great for beginner gamers.

Efficient Cooling

CPUs that overheat easily will inevitably decrease the performance capability of your computer. For this reason, you need an FM2+ CPU that offers efficient thermal dynamics.

Furthermore, it’s essential to find a CPU that runs quiet and doesn’t have overpowering fans. Luckily, the FM2+ CPUs you’ll find today on this list all come with a built-in cooling unit that’s highly efficient and runs rather quietly.

Multitasking & Multithreading

For the best performance possible, you’ll need an FM2+ CPU that offers multi-CPU cores. This will allow you to perform multiple tasks at the same time without any latency or glitches.

APUs vs. CPUs For Gaming

Back of an APU processor socket

In terms of which type of processor is better for gaming, I recommend opting for a standard CPU with a dedicated graphics card.

However, APUs are perfect for people who don’t have a large amount of money dedicated to their PC build. Integrated graphics units will never be able to outperform dedicated graphics units.

If your new PC build budget is over $500, I recommend going for an Intel Core i3-10100F processor and a GTX 1650 Super GPU. This combination would drastically outperform similarly priced APUs.

If your budget is less than $500, then going for one of the options on this best FM2+ CPU list is a better option.

All in all, APUs are an excellent entry-level option for gamers looking to play less graphically intensive games. However, APUs will never be the ideal option for hardcore gamers looking to play the newest titles at the highest settings.

Top 5 FM2+ CPUs

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best FM2+ CPUs you can find on the market today.

This processor is perfect for individuals who enjoy online gaming but don’t really play any graphically intensive games.

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High Level Summary

Compared to the A10-7870K, the A10-7890K offers a 200 MHz upgrade in clock rate and is equipped with the comprehensive Wraith cooler.

The Wraith cooling system allows this processor to reach a base frequency of 4.1 GHz and a 4.3 GHz overclock rate.

This makes it the fastest AMD APU to date.


The AMD A10-7890K is an unlocked quad-core Kaveri APU that includes 512 stream processors, 95W thermal design power, and 4MB of L2 cache.

Through my gaming tests, I learned that this CPU is perfect for budget gamers who play entry-level games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, or World of Warcraft. Although you won’t be able to max out your in-game graphic settings, you’ll be able to run smoothly on lowered performance options.

In comparison to the Intel i3-6100 with integrated graphics, the AMD A10-7890K performed significantly better.

Overall, FM2+ CPUs like the A10-7890K are great chips at affordable price points if you’re willing to sacrifice a few frames and less heat output and power consumption.

If gaming is your priority and your computer build has space for a dedicated graphics card, I recommend opting for the Athlon X4 880K and combining it with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card.

What We Like
Dual graphics support
Low power consumption
Silent stock cooler
Moderate gaming performance depending on the title
Know Before Buying
Despite being the best FM2+ CPU, it’s outclassed by more modern generation CPUs from Intel and AMD
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If you’re looking to use your FM2+ socket motherboard and want to install a dedicated graphics card, the AMD Athlon X4 880K is the perfect option.

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High Level Summary

The Athlon-series APUs from AMD don’t include an integrated GPU which allows for higher clock speeds. I discovered that the X4 880K was easily clockable to 4.5 GHz with AMD’s new stock cooling system.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with four cores which are required nowadays to play the newest game titles.

When paired with a good GPU, this AMD APU offers a capable and affordable PC gaming experience at 1080p or even 1440p.

The included cooling solution is nearly identical to the Wraith cooling seen on the AMD A10-7890K and offers impressive thermal dynamics. Better yet, you won’t need to purchase a dedicated cooling unit for this CPU.


In terms of where the AMD Athlon X4 880K sits in AMDs FM2+ product line, it’s easily the best processor for individuals who intend to use a dedicated graphics card.

As I mentioned earlier, hardcore gamers looking for an FM2+ CPU should opt for this CPU and pair it with an adequate dedicated graphics card.

Furthermore, if you’re using your PC for more CPU-taxing tasks such as media-file crunching or graphic design, I recommend going for a higher-performing CPU. These include AMD’s FX line or an Intel Core i3 or i5.

Keep in mind, this CPU runs at around $95, and you’ll need to save some of your budget to purchase a graphics card as well. So, going for an integrated APU may be a better option if your spending power is limited.

What We Like
High clock speed and core count
Extremely affordable
Know Before Buying
Requires a dedicated graphics card
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The AMD A10-7870K offers AMD’s new thermal solution that’s designed to handle TDPs of 125 watts. This CPU is identical to the A10-7890K in regards to core counts and TDP. However, it’s clocked 200 MHz lower than the newer flagship model.

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High Level Summary

The 7870K is one of the fastest AMD desktop APUs with a 3.9 GHz base frequency, and 4.1 GHz boosted frequency.

It has four processing cores and comes equipped with an integrated Radeon R7 GPU clocked at 866 MHz.

Furthermore, this CPU is an unlocked quad-core Kaveri APU that comes with 512 stream processors, 95 watts thermal design power, and 4MB of L2 cache.

Similar to the A10-7890K, the A10-7870K is designed for entry-level gamers and PC users.

Although the 7870K doesn’t offer Wraith cooling, the near-silent thermal cooling solution is nearly identical. It’s only missing the plastic shroud and Wraith logo.


Overall, the AMD A10-7870K offers plenty of capability for everyday tasks such as browsing the internet and using various programs. It’s also perfectly capable of running smoothly on entry-level games.

However, since this CPU offers dual-graphics support, I recommend pairing it with the R7 250 for the best gaming experience possible.

Keep in mind, both graphics cards will need to be running at the same time.

What We Like
Low power consumption
Dual graphics support
Affordable price
Silent stock cooler
Moderate gaming performance
Know Before Buying
Slower single-core performance
No upgradeable path
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The AMD Athlon x4 870K features a base frequency of 3.9 GHz and a 4.1 GHz turbo frequency. It’s a part of the Athlon-series APUs, which don’t come with an integrated graphics card.

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High Level Summary

For this reason, you’ll also need to purchase a dedicated graphics card when using this device.

This CPU is equipped with four physical and logical cores, which consume up to 95 watts of power.

In addition, the CPU supports DDR3 RAM with a maximum frequency of 2133 MHz.


In comparison to the Athlon X4 860K, the 870K is slightly faster and boasts a 200 MHz increase in base frequency.

It also includes better cooling and overclock ability. However, the architecture and power consumption is exactly the same on the 860K

The Athlon X4 860K is part of the Godvari 28nm family and is one of AMD’s entry-level desktop processors.

What We Like
Excellent base clock speed
Incredible boost clock speed of 4.1 GHz
Includes a CPU cooler with no additional cost
Know Before Buying
Slightly lower performance for heavy multitasking and productivity
Relatively old model
Will need to install a dedicated GPU
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The AMD A10-7850K is a versatile CPU that’s suited for gaming, media consumption, web design, and gaming. 

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High Level Summary

This processor is able to handle high-capacity tasks without suffering any performance issues.

With four processing and eight graphics cores, there’s a total of 12 computing cores that make for a high-speed PC experience. In addition, this CPU is equipped with a 4 GHz turbo clock speed and 4 MB of cache to transfer data quickly.

Even more, the A10-7850K is equipped with 720 MHz of Radeon R7 graphics for impressive picture quality.


After working with the A10-7850K for a few weeks, I learned that this APU is perfectly capable of generic desktop PC usage. Combining it with a quality SSD feels excellent and fast.

However, you have nearly enough processing and graphics power to play newer titles at maximum graphic quality.

Overall, this Kaveri APU offers tremendous value for the price tag it has. It provides moderate CPU performance, great multi-media options, and a full HD experience.

If an FM2+ CPU is a must, I recommend going with the A10-7890K CPU for better performance and capability.

What We Like
Excellent all-around user experience with OpenCL
Increased power efficiency
Adequate gaming right out the box
Know Before Buying
Only slight CPU performance gain over the previous generation APUs
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The Ultimate FM2+ CPU
The Competitive Stand-Alone CPU
Best Price-to-Performance FM2+ CPU

Although FM2+ CPUs are a bit outdated technology-wise, they still offer a great affordable option for entry-level gamers and casual PC users.

I hope this list was helpful in your search for purchasing the best FM2+ CPU on the market.

If you’re looking for the best FM2+ CPU available, I recommend going for the AMD A10-7890K or AMD Athlon x4 870K. The option you ultimately select depends on if you want an integrated GPU or not.

Either way, you’ll be able to make the most out of your FM2+ motherboard.

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