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PlayStation 5 was listed on Amazon France, Price and Release Date

The next-gen console war is going trending on the web as users are very interested in knowing which console is best among them. Recently KFC, one of the biggest food delivery brands, trolled this trend by showing off their Chicken Chamber Grill as a next-generation console on their gaming account. Apart from this, both of these consoles are going to release by the end of this month a perfect gift for Christmas, but the manufacturers do not confirm their exact release dates. Recently Sony announced some details regarding the PlayStation 5, and yesterday, this console was listed on Amazon France.

This listing was spotted on Amazon France, but it was suddenly removed, here the good thing is that Forbes spotted this listing and took a screenshot of it. The retailer version of this console is listed for €499, while there is a digital version that is available for €399. Sony has not confirmed the price of this console yet, but we can take an idea from this listing that it’s not going to be very expensive. Getting this type of detail from these eCommerce websites is not new, as there were many cases in the past too.

The specifications of Xbox Series X are expected to be slightly better than PlayStation; however, both consoles use almost the same hardware. There we have listed the complete specification chart of this console so you can take an idea.


SpecificationsPlayStation5Xbox Series X
CPUOcta-Core Zen2 Based CPU3.8Ghz Octa-Core Zen2
GPU36 CUs , 10.28 TFLOPs12 teraflop
GPU ArchitectureRDNA2RDNA2
Interface16GB DDR6, 448GB/s16GB GDDR6
Memory825GB SSD1TB custom NVMe SSD

There are some further details leaked by different sources but not yet confirmed by Sony itself. It is expected that they will release all of the features in the upcoming one or two months. There we are looking for your reviews on which console you think might win this next-gen console race this time and for what reason. Please share your thoughts with us through the comments.