How To Unsync Xbox One Controller From Console
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How To Unsync Xbox One Controller From Console

If you want to make your Xbox One controller with your console, you have to sync that first, and it’s a little different than attaching/connecting wires with the console, which we saw in previous consoles. Syncing the controller with your console is relatively easy, but what if you got a new controller and willing to unsync the previous one. There we have a complete guide about unsync Xbox One controller from the console with proper steps.

How To Unsync Xbox One Controller From Console

First of all, we need to know nothing like an unsyncing controller from the console. When you sync the controller with the console, it saves some information about that device in it, and when you again sync that controller with other devices, it overrides that information.

  • To sync your controller with the new console or device:
  • For Xbox One, press the sync button on the console.
  • Then hold the button on the controller for about twenty seconds or, in some cases, more.
  • You will see that the logo on the button will start flashing, and at that time, the controller starts finding the nearby device to connect.
  • Once connected, you will see that the light on the controller remains lit.
  • In this way, the controller overrides the old device information with the new one.

You can also connect the controller with the console through a micro-USB cable’s help by simply putting one end of the cable on the console and the other end on the controller.


Most of the time, newbies got stuck while installing the new controller to their console as they don’t know how to remove the previous one. We don’t need to remove the old controller from the device; instead, we can connect the new one, and it will override the previous information.