Best Games Like Among Us

There are a couple of games with the same mechanics, like Among Us, like an Imposter or traitor, and you have to escape or find them. All of these games worth playing, and I’m pretty sure you also like them if you recently played Among Us. So have a look at the first game on this list, which is Barotrauma.

  1. Barotrauma
  2. Unfortunate Spaceman
  5. Secret Neighbor



Are you looking for another Among Us? Barotrauma is one of the best alternatives to this game because of its same gameplay mechanics and settings. The name of this game confuses many users, but there is nothing super in it because it simply means the injuries that animals or humans get from being underwater for long or from the water pressure.

Among us was set in a space ship while this game has a submarine environment and you are in an ocean of Europa, and your character in the game is a crew member of that submarine. All you have to do is complete the tasks and helps your crew members to survive from drowning the submarine.

The crew of that submarine consists of 16 players from which you are the same like Among Us, which has imposter, you will see a traitor trying his best to drown the submarine and kill all crew members.

Your main task is to complete the small in-game missions and determine who the imposter is to win the game. These tasks include fixing some parts of the submarine and such other things while if you don’t complete them, there are chances that you will lose the game and the traitor will win. There are classes of players like a mechanic, medic, and the submarine captain, and each of them will be assigned tasks according to their role in the submarine.

This game was released two years ago, but there was a beta version too while the final version was much better than the beta and has improved mechanics and a lot of things. It’s available on couple of platforms including the Windows, OSx and Linux. There are single and multiplayer modes that allow you to practice the game and play it with your friends.

The system requirements of Barotrauma is too low can you can easily run it on any gaming machine even on your old school computer. This game is much identical to the Among Us, so it got first place on best games like Among Us list.

Unfortunate Spaceman

Unfortunate Spaceman

Unfortunate, Spaceman is a popular title, and maybe most of you might already play it, and people love to play it because of the gameplay. This game is not easy to play, and you need all your social deception skills to complete the rounds. Spaceman was released on 12 June 2020 and, unfortunately, is only available to the Windows platform. It requires at least 7 GB of free space on your system and a minimum of 4 GB ram to run smoothly. You should also need a stable network connection to avoid lags or connection loss while playing it. In the beginning, you will start as an employee of a company who fell into trouble and waiting to be rescued by someone.

In this game, the main thing is someone is turned into an alien, but he tries to hide and not to tell anyone that he’s an alien and doesn’t want to escape someone from the spaceship. There is more fun when you or your friend becomes an alien and pretend to be not an alien; you have particular tasks to do if you are not an alien, and if you succeed, you can easily win the game. Meanwhile, the imposter will try to kill you so you cannot complete your task, and if he succeeds, he will win the round.



Deceit is something more than Among Us because it contains such mechanics and has realistic graphics, which makes it far better. Deceit is one of the most ever played Imposter game’s on Window’s; it is similar as among us where you play with your friends, and there are six players in 1 map a gun provides to you all, two of the six players are Imposter, and you have to find them and kill them before they kill you. You should be aware that he might be the infected person (Imposter) or maybe a typical player. The significant difference between Among Us and Deceit is that in Deceit, the Imposter can only kill the ordinary player at night. In Among Us, the Imposter can kill the ordinary player anytime.

Deceit was released on 4 April 2017, and it exists on only one platform, which is Window’s, the Specs you need to play Deceit are you should have at least 20 GB free space in your system and a minimum of 8 GB ram, as the game has realistic graphics.



Garry’s Mod is one of the oldest title that most people love to play because of its unique gameplay concept. It is a straightforward game, and here’s how it works, almost 62.5% of the players are innocent in it, the other 12.5 % of players are detectives, while the rest of 25% are traitors. To get more idea of the game clearly, suppose there’re eight players in total; one of them is a detective, the other two are traitors, and the rest of the five are Innocent. This game is also on three platform’s Windows, Mac and Linux. You need at least 5 GB of Minimum space on your system and a minimum of 2GB Ram.

The game concept is simple and straightforward; the traitor has to find and eliminate all the other innocent players. Meanwhile, the innocent players help the detective’s so they can figure out both the traitors. A similar thing in both Among Us and Garry’s Mod is that until the players find out the other player’s body, they can’t know who is dead and alive. The traitor also has permission to use special equipment. Garry’s Mod was released on 29 November 2006.