Discord Keeps Freezing - Solved (Complete Guide)
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Discord Keeps Freezing - Solved (Complete Guide)

One of the best applications to communicate with friends in online games is Discord, which offers VoIP and a great alternative to Teamspeak. Previously this application was limited to gamers, but nowadays, everyone has Discord in their PC.

Discord Keeps Freezing

This app is useful in its way, but a couple of users claim that their Discord keeps freezing, and the operating system is not responding. The first solution in our mind is to close the application with Task Manager and relaunch it, but there is a problem. A few users face complete system freezing problems with this application, and in this case, you can’t close the application even you can’t move your mouse.

If you face this problem, you are in the right place because we are trying to fix this problem through different solutions. Before going ahead, you first need to confirm that this application is causing the problem as there may be some other app that made your PC stuck in one place. It’s good to confirm that what application is causing the problem to better focus on the solution.

Things Causing Discord App Keeps Freezing

I found that different things can cause this problem, but there I’m mentioning the most common one and hope so fixing them will fix the freezing issue in your PC.

Compatibility Issue: The first and ubiquitous thing that might be causing this problem is the compatibility issue of this application with your operating system. Those who are running older operating systems may be facing this problem, and a simple solution to this is listed below.

Key Bindings: Some users claimed that after setting up the key binding, they face the Discord freezing problems. If you recently set up some keybinding in the Discord Windows Application, deleting them might fix this problem.

Hardware Acceleration: There is a feature in Discord, namely hardware acceleration, which uses the computer processor and other components to get the maximum performance out of them and use that to run the application. This feature is used to release off the application load from the processors, but it can even cause issues in some cases. If your Discord keeps freezing, turning off this feature might fix this problem.

These are the most common things that might be causing this problem, and changing the settings will fix your problem. Though if the problem still exists after changing the settings, I would recommend you contact the Discord support to give you some better solution, but in most cases, these things will fix the problem.

How To Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Turning off hardware acceleration in your machine is not a problem at all. You can do it inside the Discord applications. There are a few steps listed below that helps you in turning off this feature.

  • Open the Discord Applications.
  • Go to the Settings Button (Usually a grey color gear icon).
  • On the left menu, you will found “Appearance”.
  • When you scroll down, you will found “Hardware Acceleration”.
  • There will be a button next to it to turn it off.
  • Click on the “Okay " and restart your PC.

After turning it off hope so your Discord freezing problem will be fixed but if it not you don’t have to worry about it because we’ve some more solutions too.