Why Discord Keeps Freezes?

You might be experiencing freezes because of several reasons, and those most likely to cause them are listed below, along with instructions on how to fix them.

  1. Hardware Acceleration: Although hardware acceleration boosts performance, it can sometimes cause problems with applications like Google Chrome and Discord, etc. Turning it off will fix the problem if the screen is freezing or black.
  2. Compatibility Mode: There's a good chance that you're running this application on an operating system that it won't run. To test this, change compatibility mode and see if it gets fixed.
  3. Push-To-Talk: Try changing the settings for key bindings or push-to-talk if your application is freezing while you are playing a game.
  4. Key Bindings: In some cases both the application and the game contain the same key, resulting in some internal error in the application and making it freeze, so if there is an error with the key, change it now.

What are the solutions of freezing issue?

There are a few errors that are causing this issue that are listed above, and the solutions to them are below, and a quick note is provided before starting with the solutions.

However, the solutions might require the frozen application to be closed, so you have to open the task manager and close the app at first place.

  1. Disable the hardware acceleration.
  2. Try using a different compatibility mode.
  3. Switch off push-to-talk for a while.
  4. Change the conflicting key bindings.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration

Almost all users get this issue resolved after turning off Hardware Acceleration. It is possible that this feature might be to blame for this issue.

  1. Open Discord on your computer.
  2. Go to the settings screen and select the appearance.
  3. Scrolling down a little takes you to the hardware acceleration.
  4. Toggle off the hardware acceleration button.
  5. Then a confirmation message will appear, and you'll be asked to confirm it.

The application may be restarted that will probably fix the issue. However, if the issue persists, reset the settings as they were before and proceed to the next method.

Trying With Other Compatibility Modes

This issue can also be resolved by changing the compatibility mode or disabling this feature on your application. Doing this is straightforward and doesn't take more than a minute.

  1. On your desktop, right-click on the Discord shortcut.
  2. Choose the compatibility mode from the properties.
  3. If it is on, toggle off Run this program in compatibility mode.
  4. If that doesn't work, switch compatibility modes and play around with settings.
  5. Save the setting by clicking the Apply button and then the OK button.

All of these settings are reversible by a single option in order to turn off the compatibility mode.

Removing Push-To-Talk

The Push-To-Talk feature might cause your application to freeze or get stuck, so if you're running on a low-end build, you'll need to disable it.

  1. Go to the settings located next to your name on the Discord application.
  2. On the left side, you will find an option called voice and video.
  3. There under the input mode, you will see Push to talk.
  4. Change that option to voice activity.
  5. Restart your application, and there are chances that the problem will be fixed.

Removing the Key Bindings

A few users found that their key binds in the Discord application conflict with the game they are playing because the application to freeze and remove them or change them fixed the problem.

  1. Open the Discord application.
  2. Go to the user settings.
  3. Select the key binds on the left side.
  4. There you will see several key binds and them by clicking on the red button next to them.

Doing this will fix the problem if it’s happening due to them, but there is a bonus solution for you if not.