Best Mouse Bungee For Cable Management (2020 Updated)

Best Mouse Bungee For Cable Management (2020 Updated)

Usually, we’ve seen users going cheap while buying computer peripherals, and they prefer investing money on that hardware that directly affects frame rates. Using some cheap keyboard and mouse can affect your gaming experience as well as it can also affect badly on your health. Though that’s not our topic for today there if you are one who prefers best cable management or facing cables tangling issues there we’ve something special for you. We have got some suggestions for the best mouse bungee that you can consider for your gaming mouse.

Users mostly consider cheap gaming mouse, but when you got some expensive mouse designed for Esport gaming, you will never want its cables bending and gettings some damage. If you are facing this issue, you probably need to invest some money in mouse bungee which will hold your mouse cable at one place and prevent it from any damage. Hope so you will get the point that why mouse bungee is essential for mouse and cable management. So let’s check out the first option on this list.


When it comes to buying the computer peripherals, Razar stands top of the list because this company is providing top-notch products at an affordable cost. As a user, I would say their products are good in term of looks and performance, and they can last for years if you use them with proper care. There we’ve got a mouse bungee from this company which is named as Razer Mouse Bungee V2 and is useful for cable management. Usually, Razer products are slightly expensive than others because of the premium stuff included and that same case with this one, but still, it’s cheaper than other options in this list. This mouse bungee comes with a drag-free cord control that lasts up to 3.2 mm and it’s cable management eliminates the cable tangling.

The best in this mouse bungee is it provides the accurate mouse work, and there you will get the freedom to move your mouse anywhere. It also allows you to set the cable of your mouse at one place so you can freely move the mice anywhere on your table. Also, it is compatible with any mouse that comes with a cord, and you can use it for competitive gaming as well as in the office. Other than mouse this bungee can also be used with a couple of things including the cell phone charger, headphones, table or TV cables and much more. The feet of this bungee use anti-slip rubber so you can move your mouse and it will not move from its position. The missing lights on this bungee make it good, but it might be not very pleasant for some users.

Casethrone Mouse Bungee

You might’ve listened to this before that the more showy a product, the less durable and useful it will be. Maybe Casethrone takes it slightly more serious, and this mouse bungee comes in very subtle looks but unquestionably good in term of work and durability. I know you’ve not listened about this brand before but there you need to know that this company is well known for mobiles cases, ear pods and other accessories. This bungee holds your mouse cord with a spring arm they give you some extra stretching option and allows you to keep it off the desk. With this mouse bungee, you will never face any cable tangling problems, and it will offer you excellent gaming experience.

The anti-slip rubber on the feet of this bungee allows you to move your mouse anywhere on the desk while this bungee will stand at one place all over the time. The aesthetics of this mouse bungee are pretty straightforward, but the availability in different colors makes it attractive as you can choose the one color that matches the color scheme of your build.

This mouse bungee is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, also known as ABS and at some parts silicone and stainless steel is also used, which increases its usage span. It comes with some bundled sticky tape stickers which you can use to temporary attach with your desk and can easily pull it by applying some little force. There is some weighty material placed at the centre of bungee, which makes it slightly hard to move when using the mouse, and it also makes it to balance at one place. The spring arm allows you to mouse your mouse anywhere on the desk, and it will move in the same direction where your mouse it going. Overall, in term of build quality and working, this is one of the best mouse bungees, but aesthetically it’s straight.

Cougar Bunker RGB Mouse Bungee

Mostly mouse bungee comes in pretty straightforward looks but if you are one prefers aesthetics too then there we’ve got an excellent for you. Cougar Bunker comes with a subtle black colored body and has RGB ring at the bottom side, which seems attractive. The RGB lights on this bungee can be changed, and you can produce different effects with them as they can are connectable to your PC through a USB Type-A cable. Though it lacks the USB Type-C support and that’s a bit disappointing for some users and my self too. There are fourteen light effects comes with this bungee which you can switch between easily and match them according to your build. In addition to the cable holding stand, there are two USB extender ports on it which allows you to connect your USB device through it.

We’ve talked much about the looks of this bungee, so lets come towards to the holding and other features of this bungee. Firstly there is a flexible arm on this bungee which allows you to hold the wire easily and gives you the freedom to move your mouse anywhere you want. The arm of this bungee moves smoothly, and you are not going to see mouse cable entangled. There are suction pads at the bottom part of this bungee which prevents from sliding on the table, and you can move the mouse without getting this bungee falling. The stem that holds the mouse cable is made up of rubber that is very flexible and prevents sliding of the cable. The only thing I found terrible on this bungee is missing USB Type-C port, and the USB ports are USB 2.0, and it would be much better if they were USB 3.0.