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AMD, Intel Rumored to withdraw from Computex

It is rumoring around the web big tech firms, including AMD Intel and Nvidia, are not likely to participate in Computex 2020. This computer show was going to arrange in early June in Taipei China, but now it is postponed until September 2020. The primary purpose of this tech show is to launch new products and announcements for upcoming products.

All it’s happening due to the current pandemic situation, which is affecting our daily life in a very worse way. As we already know, the primary purpose of this show is to make announcements about upcoming products and Intal and AMD har to do some with mobile versions of 10nm and 7nm CPUs, respectively.

Team RED was going to make some announcements regarding the AMD Ryzen 4000 series CPUs based on AMD Zen 3 architecture. AMD Navi2 GPUs with RDNA 2.0 architecture was planned to launch in Q4 of 2020, but there are no official words from the company either there are releasing this year or postponed to 2021.

Following past years Intel, it is expected that Intel will announce their 11th Generation Tiger Lake processors. There are no official words from these companies regarding this, but maybe they will do this all through live streaming.

Whether these companies will announce them in Computex or through live streams, they will keep their promises and never let their fans down.

Some other brands, including Gigabyte, MSI, Hunxun, and some other brands, also announced to withdraw from Computex. However, ASUS is still following its original plans for the show, and there is no official news about not attending the show.

Well, I’m sure we all don’t have any problem regarding this decision because the primary purpose of this show is to make announcements about products and safety is the priority. All the employees, staff and other members can enjoy the show without risking their lives and others. So it will be useful to conduct it after this pandemic situation.